Conservation & Culture in Cape Town


Offset your water usage in Cape Town
We encourage visitors to keep coming to Cape Town by ensuring that our guests’ comfort, safety, enjoyment and experiences are incredible, all in a water-wise way. You can now offset your water footprint by calculating your usage and making an equivalent donation to NGOs driving water-saving initiatives, thereby making a long-term difference: Water Usage Calculator »

Early winter rains have brought relief to the city and the outlook is positive as additional, sustainable sources of water start to become available. These include ground water abstraction from underground aquifers, temporary desalination and re-claimed/re-used water. These sources already supply 12% of Cape Town’s daily usage, and this will increase to more than 45% within a year, at current consumption patterns.

Read the latest statement about the water crisis from the City of Cape Town »


Cape Town is known for pristine beaches, rolling vineyards, gourmet restaurants, ocean vistas, and breathtaking Table Mountain. But to really experience the city’s local history, vibrant culture and hopeful future you need to venture into the heart of the townships. These informal settlements are just a 15-minute drive from the CBD and will truly enrich your visit:

  • Take a Khayelitsha Township Tour – feel the pulse of the largest township in the country, believed to have a million residents; visit some community projects and meet the most inspiring locals; witness the wonderful changes happening in the poorest communities and contribute directly to their growth.
  • Meet the Farmers of Home – discover an oasis of hope as this remarkable nursery teaches locals how to subsist by growing organic crops for sale and for eating at home. See hands-on training courses, explore lush rows of colourful vegetables, learn about their sustainability model and how they also help conserve indigenous flora through their greening initiative.
  • Visit Home in the Hood Art and Education Centre – the artsy centre hosts after-school activities for children and skills training for unemployed adults. Wander through the craft workshop and see artisans at work, browse the art boutique to peruse and purchase their creations. Be treated to a dazzling performance by Major Voices, local boys who have made singing and dancing their life’s calling.
  • Smile at Stand with Us Educare Centre – over 90 children from 6 months to 6 years old are cared for daily at the centre, which offers a safe space, nutritious meals, and stimulating pre-school programmes. Families stop by to use the on-site laundry services and children’s library. Later, the centre turns into an afternoon homework club led by volunteers from the community and, as evening sets in, it is a rehearsal space for the local youth choir.