Create a wildlife garden

Creating a wildlife garden with kids is a wonderful activity to create awareness and appreciation for nature, here are some ideas:

  • Install a birdbath
    It provides a reliable source of water for birds, which is especially welcome during long and hot summers. Remember that birds are constantly alert to danger, so optimally it should not be placed near dense foliage that could conceal a predator.

  • Providing a nesting box
    This creates a wonderful opportunity to observe a bird’s breeding cycle. Just ensure that your nesting box is not in direct sunlight.

  • Plant for wildlife
    Include seasonal nectar-rich flowers as well as shrubs with seeds and berries. Ask your indigenous nursery for advice on which plants are optimal for attracting birds. Growing creepers and climbers against walls provides nesting sites for birds.

  • Leaving dead leaves and decaying wood
    This creates a habitat for worms and insects, which become a valuable part of the garden food chain.

  • Build a bug hotel
    Choose a place in sunlight or light shade. Use whatever is lying around: old plant stems, pine cones, bits of bark. A roof of tiles will keep things dry. Frogs, ladybirds and other insects will love it. Take a look at this video for some more tips.