How Your Trip With Us Benefits Rhino Conservation

Rhino Bill of Rights

At Timeless Africa Safaris, “transformative travel” is twofold: combining experiences that move our guests and shift their perspectives with initiatives that leave the places we visit a little better than we found them. One element of our approach to responsible travel is support for non-profit rhino conservation organisations. As part of this commitment, a percentage of each booking is donated to anti-poaching projects in the name of our guests. We also sponsor various fundraising initiatives that help to safeguard these endangered animals and partner with conservation NGOs to increase their reach and effectiveness.

The YPO GLC & EDGE 2019 in Cape Town provided us with the perfect opportunity to drum up additional support, educate travellers on the importance of rhino conservation and channel much-needed funds into projects on the ground. Here are some examples:

  • We purchased and gave away 450 Relate bracelets, the sale of which directly benefits the Endangered Wildlife Trust Rhino Project.
  • We launched our Rhino Bill of Rights which encourages people with influence to make a difference to global attitudes around rhino horn and reduce demand around the world. This hard-hitting manifesto also seeks to help stop the illegal trade in rhino horn, highlight the work of local anti-poaching initiatives and encourage people to lobby their governments and policymakers to prioritise rhino conservation. Read it here.
  • As with all our guests, a percentage of our turnover from YPOers travelling with us before and after the conference has been donated to our rhino conservation partner programmes. The money raised by these guests helps to provide essential resources to non-profit anti-poaching organisations; items like motion-activated camera traps for use in the field and Tactical First Aid Kits and the critical training that goes along with them.

Together with our guests we strive to make a difference in the most pressing wildlife conservation issue of our time and help to preserve the amazing wild places we hope to share with travellers for years to come.

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