Incredible wildlife sightings in Kenya

East Africa is known for the great wildebeest migration – but the wildlife in Kenya is spectacular all year round – as proven by our fabulous list!

The game viewing was abundant and incredibly diverse,we went out each day and could not get enough of the Mara.

This is our epic list of animal sightings and some of our photos.

Welcome to the Mara:

On day 1 in the Mara we had an epic sighting: Have a look at this video of the crossing

  • Zebra crossing, approx. 300 in the herd
  • 25 crocs in the Mara
  • 2 Zebra were taken during the crossing

Approx. 150 Zebra and 12 Topi, crossed in a different place. There were at least 14 huge crocodiles lying in wait.. 2 zebra and 2 topi were taken out during the crossing. These are Zebra from the Mara conservancy area making their way South to meet their “friends” from the Serengeti.

Special sighting, maybe once in a lifetime:

  • Friday, early morning family drive with Adam to take pictures.
    Approx. 10.00, the radio crackled with the news of 2 Puff adders mating alongside the road, Wilson, our guide did a quick u-turn and sped to the spot.
    2 puff adders mating alongside the road, an up-close sighting.. the female then scurried off to the long grass and the male slithered about, close to us, picking up the scent of the female…a fine specimen.

All the wildlife we saw:

  • Multiple herds of elephants, some with babies of only a few weeks old
  • A number of lone Elephant bulls
  • Multiple Buffalo Dagga boys
  • Many small to medium herds of zebras all over the triangle
  • Impala – plenty, harems, bachelor herds and females and young
  • Thomson’s gazelle
  • Eland
  • Warthog (pumbas)
  • Topi
  • A few prides of lion
  • Lions climbing in and out of a tree (and lazing about)
  • Hyena
  • Baboons – large families with many babies
  • Bat-eared fox
  • Dwarf Mongoose
  • Ringtail mongoose
  • Serval cat
  • Many hyrax all around the camp
  • Hippo – large pods as well as a few Hippo out and about
  • Giraffe – saw dozens all over the Mara, with one very special sighting of 32 giraffes standing in a field of grass along the side of the road.
  • Wildebeest – only 12, the migration is still on its way
  • Black Rhino
  • An old Male Leopard looking hungry and walking fast across the grasslands.
  • We saw the big five in one game drive

Author: Marco van Embden