Latest Team Adventure: Kim takes on Madagascar

One of our Luxury Travel Managers recently journeyed around South West and South East Madagascar by vehicle with a private guide. She returned with incredible feedback and insights:

 …a magical landscape with Zebu cattle herders, endless colourful farm stalls, terraced rice paddies, towering Baobabs, and women walking miles with hefty bags of grain on their heads…they are a special people with a distinctive culture that is evident in their smiles, food, infectious music, and deep respect for their ancestors and traditions.”

A kaleidoscope of life and colour

High points included trekking in dramatic mountain reserves, coastlines and rainforests; and seeing 11 of the 115 species of indigenous Lemurs. As well as an array of chameleons, butterflies, snakes, birds, frogs, orchids, ancient trees and plants.

It was a feast for the senses, with each day more awe-inspiring than the last… the landscape, the wildlife and the warmth of the Malagasy culture left me with a longing for more and a desire to share my experience.”

Kim has already begun creating bespoke Madagascan journeys for some of our guests.

Lemur of Madagascar
Lemur Spotted
Little Madagascan beauty selling honey
The beautiful people of Madagascar
The beautiful people of Madagascar
Madagascar Village
Beautiful Madagascar Sights
Beautiful Madagascar Sights

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