Vagish & Shobha


Firstly, thanks a lot for the very nice arrangements for our trip. Everything worked with absolute precision, whether it was pick-up or accommodation arrangements or the sight-seeing visits etc. We didn’t have to move a finger to check what was next and who will do what. Everything kept happening as per plan and each hotel confirmed the next pick up etc., and each location welcomed us with genuine love and very warm welcome.

Some memories…

We had a thrilling encounter when we nearly bumped into a hippo in Camp Okavango on a canoe trip in shallow waters… just minutes after the guide had rightly asked us not to worry because hippos and crocs don’t move in 1.5 ft deep water! Thankfully on seeing the hippo, our guide quietly and cleverly took us back from the position without incident. Another highlight was to witness the two elusive Sitatunga [antelope] in their full glory. Another highlight was to see a leopard resting under a tree from 10 ft away. But the final highlight was the walking safari in Camp Okavango and coming across a mama elephant with two babies. We had to stay still until she decided we were not a threat and moved on.

I believe that this itinerary was perfect for 6 nights. If we had 2 more nights, we would have added Moremi Camp as well. However something for us to do in the future. The private planes were perfectly on time and well organized and connected us well especially for our ongoing flight from Maun to Johannesburg.

All the locations (Royal Livingstone, Chobe Game Lodge and Camp Okavango) were superlative in their quality of accommodation, friendliness of their staff and of course the quality of their food (especially since we were vegetarians). The quality of TAS’ guides, consultants and drivers was of a very high order. They were all extremely friendly, highly efficient and always gave us a feeling that we are in good hands.

By the way, we did do the 30 min helicopter trip over the Victoria Falls and another over the Okavango Delta. Both were spectacular and I would highly recommend them for the guests!

All in all an amazing trip!

A big thank you for your help.