Timeless Africa Safaris COVID-19 Update


We are living in the most turbulent and challenging times. Our resolve, belief systems, and courage are all being tested as never before.

Timeless Africa Safaris would like to take this opportunity to extend our  sympathies to families, communities, and all those who have been affected by COVID-19.

The images on television, in newspapers and on social media show a people valiantly coping with the unknown. Doctors, nurses, health professionals, and other frontline heroes are teaching us all a lesson of sacrifice, solidarity, and generosity. We thank them, wish them strength in these challenging times, and give our support where we can.

We want to keep you informed as we navigate COVID-19 together.   Your safety is always our main concern and we want to ensure you have full peace of mind.

Since I started this company 19 years ago, the Timeless Africa Safaris team have developed meaningful relationships with our guests from around the world by delivering life-changing travel experiences and creating long-lasting memories for them.  At the same time, we have supported conservation, local communities, and sustainability in Africa.  It is imperative that this work continues to ensure a future world where we can still experience the people, culture, beauty, and the incredible wildlife of Africa.

We are grateful for the trade partnerships we have formed over the years, which at this time of crisis, have proved to be invaluable. We are grateful for their continued assistance and look forward to building on our existing relationships as we navigate a new way forward.

We will continue to add value to future guests’ travel planning.  Timeless Africa Safaris is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it evolves. We are in constant contact with government departments, travel industry leaders, airlines, hotels, lodges, and travel partners in Southern and East Africa for up to date information and insights.  We are partnering with the industry to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene and safety protocols are in place once travel bans are lifted and our guests will start traveling again.  Our Luxury Travel Managers will ensure we are giving you accurate advice and assist you to make sensible,  responsible, and safe choices around the destinations and experiences on offer.

In uncertain times, it is important to have a partner to guide you safely throughout the journey.  We would like to be your partner in travel.  Our hope is that we will soon once again be able to welcome the world to Africa.

Warm tourism regards,

Marco Van Embden
CEO, Timeless Africa Safaris


Our aim is to arrange for the trip of a lifetime. Our team has been in contact with every client who has a trip booked in 2020, and where the situation required, we have assisted with the postponement of guests’ travel and continue to work diligently to make sure that guests’ African Dream Journey will be made a reality.


Africa offers Space, Privacy , and has Remote wide open places:  Africa offers views of towering dunes, dramatic mountain ranges, pristine beaches, and vast tracts of open plains. These areas are isolated from densely populated cities and afford space, privacy.

Price savings:  Many hotels and lodges are holding 2020 rates for 2021 (depending on the season).  The longer you stay – the better, as many also offer a free night for longer stays.  Prices may increase sharply when travel demand rebounds.  The USD / ZAR currency exchange rate means outstanding value for money in South Africa.

Availability:  With the possibility of travel for 2020 being unsure, and many travellers deferring their 2020 booked trips to 2021, availability for 2021 will become tight.  Now is the time to start exploring if you want to secure space, especially in high-demand destinations and our preferred accommodations.

Flexibility:  Due to travel restrictions and the ever-changing situation, many properties are loosening up their postponement policies.

It’s good for you:  People will need the opportunity to unwind and clear their head and Africa’s remote and vast open spaces is perfect for this.  And the planning will also ensure that your happiness starts pre-trip.

Do good: There are so many livelihoods dependent on tourism, from porters to guides to lodge and conservation staff.  By booking a trip, you will contribute to ensuring that these individuals can continue to support their families in the future. In turn, wildlife-based tourism is the lifeblood that funds the authorities managing protected areas, private sector initiatives, and NGOs such as Save the Rhino Foundation.  All lodges and camps charge a conservation or park fee to their guests, which means that every single guest is directly donating towards conservation efforts just by going on safari.  Just by being on a game drive, your money helps with vital initiatives such as anti-poaching.  Your future trip will help to ensure properties can keep staff on and continue with their conservation and community efforts.  If you prefer, a portion of your trip may include a donation to a local African NGO working specifically with communities affected in Africa.

Health & Safety:  This is of paramount importance to ensure that you and your family and friends are safe during your travels.  Timeless Africa Safaris will map out your full journey, address your “moments of  fear”, and ensure that all properties and service providers follow strict health & safety protocols as set by WHO and best international practices.


Africa is a vast and complex continent and our insider knowledge and understanding, as well as our connections and extensive experience (we have been in business for 19 years), will add far more value than the financial cost of your trip.  We do the groundwork on your behalf.  We know the destinations, the products, and only work with vetted suppliers in Southern and East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.  We ensure that your trip itinerary runs smoothly and follows best practices when it comes to safety and hygiene protocols.

Given the fluidity of global events and the varying worldwide travel restrictions, many airlines, hotels, lodges, and other travel suppliers are adjusting their terms & conditions to be more flexible.  Our Luxury Travel Managers will be able to give you more specific information and negotiate on your behalf around the best terms & conditions possible.

If the COVID-19 situation changes whilst you are travelling, we will be on hand to assist you. Online-booking sites and call centers cannot offer you this.

We’ve got your back and we are great at what we do:  

  • We are on-the-ground – real-time.
  • We have in-depth  insiders’  knowledge with an extensive network.
  • We are passionate.
  • We love our jobs and are specialists in our field.
  • We come to work to make our guests happy, feel they are safe and can trust us.
  • Our guest feedback is consistently amazing.
  • We offer highly specialised experiences.
  • We ensure exceptional attention to detail.
  • Everything is tailor-made.
  • You will be looked after by one of our specialist travel managers.
  • We are on call – you will have our mobile numbers!
  • We are small & boutique.
  • We are focused on the quality of service rather than the number of guests.
  • The vast majority of our guests are referred to us by past clients who have the first-hand experience of our service.


The most important thing to know, and we know you know this, but it must be said —is that Africa is not a country. It is a continent of 54 countries that are diverse culturally and geographically.   It is so diverse because Africa is really big — about as big as the combined landmasses of China, the United States, India, Japan, and much of Europe.

Timeless Africa Safaris are keeping track of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in each of the destinations that we operate in.  We provide below links to the Destination’s Government websites for more information.  If you would like to speak with one of our Luxury Travel Managers about a specific destination, please contact us via  [email protected]

Botswana » 

Congo (Republic) »

Kenya »   

Madagascar »   or here »

Malawi »   

Mauritius »   

Mozambique »

Namibia » 

Rwanda »

Seychelles » 

South Africa »

Tanzania »   

Uganda »

Zambia »

Zimbabwe » or here »

To find more information on COVID-19:  Visit Africa Covid-19 updates website OR  The World Health Organisation’s Situation Reports.