Lamu Island

Lamu Island forms part of the peaceful Lamu Archipelago off the beautiful unspoilt Indian Ocean coast of Northern Kenya. Little has changed in centuries, Lamu Island is renowned for its remoteness and tranquillity, its rich trading history and its distinctive Swahili culture, a unique blend of African, Indian and Arabian influences.

A peaceful tropical island where life unfolds at its own relaxed pace, Lamu is the perfect alternative to the usual safari trip to Kenya. With immaculate beaches, magnificent seascapes, scuba refuges and ancient ruins it offers the visitor an ideal island paradise. It is also a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of its medieval town.

Lamu Town is Kenya’s oldest living town and was initially a 14th century Swahili settlement. The island has seen many visitors and influences over the centuries, including Portuguese explorers, Turkish traders and the Omani Arabs, and all these influences have helped Lamu to develop its own unique culture.

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