From Africa with thanks

Environmental and ethical tourism is an industry that does so much good, literally changing lives and safeguarding precious natural resources. Just by travelling to Africa, you make an enormous contribution to conservation and social upliftment. The places where you stay are actively involved in habitat protection, anti-poaching, job creation, sustainable building practices, education and more.

When you share your love of travel in Africa with friends and family and encourage them to travel to Africa, these positive impacts expand exponentially.

By doing this, you become an Ambassador to this magnificent continent, its wildlife, and its people.

In recognition of our global friends, guests, and fellow lovers of Africa, who share the love and refer friends and family to travel to Africa with us; we have created the Africa Ambassadors Association.

Join our Africa Ambassadors Association by referring your friends and family to Timeless Africa Safaris

We will thank you for joining us in this initiative by:
Sending a gift from Africa to your home.
Giving your referred friends a gifted experience from you, when they travel with us
Donating directly to one of our conservation or social projects.

Furthermore, we have an annual Africa Ambassador initiative where we do something special for or on behalf of our African Ambassadors.

Africa Ambassador History

In 2019, we honoured our Africa Ambassadors by donating funds to build 2 new classrooms at the Boithatelo Crèche in the Sabi Sands, Kruger National Park in South Africa. This beautiful video reveals the joy of the 80 kids who were previously crammed into one room without adequate facilities and now have ample space to play, learn, grow and thrive. 

In 2018, we sent 62 beautifully beaded elephants to our ambassadors around the world. the elephant were created by Street Wires, an initiative to support local Capetonian craftsmen.

In 2017, to show our appreciation to our Africa Ambassadors, we donated to Stop Rhino Poaching on their behalf. A project that is incredibly dear to our hearts and vital to the future of our shared wild heritage. We also created the Rhino Bill of Rights to showcase the impact poaching has on these incredible and highly endangered animals.

Together we can do so much more for the people and wildlife of Africa.

Africa Ambassadors

At Timeless Africa Safaris, we are passionate about protecting and conserving Africa’s Wildlife, its communities and empowering women, which is why we carefully select our partners by ensuring that they have conservation in mind and their local communities’ benefits too. By booking to travel in and around Africa you will be supporting communities, empowering women, and ensuring wildlife & environment conservation – one of the many reasons why safaris have such a deep impact on people from all over the world.