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The life-changing effect of falling in love with Africa

Many people who have been on safari with us often say that they “fell in love with Africa”. But we believe that falling in love with Africa is only the beginning.

At Timeless Africa Safaris we realise that if we want to create lasting change, we need to go beyond simply loving Africa: we need to share that love with others. We need to be ambassadors for Africa, its wildlife and its people, because every visit and tourist dollar makes a monumental impact.

Who is an African Ambassador?

An ambassador is a person who represents their country in a foreign land. They are the face of their nation and work to promote its interests, values, and culture. In many ways, we can be ambassadors for Africa, even if we weren’t born there or we don’t live on the continent. It’s a passion to protect Africa and its wildlife and communities that qualifies and calls us to the job.

We can promote this beautiful continent’s interests by sharing our love for Africa with others and encouraging people to experience its beauty first-hand. We can also support African-based businesses and initiatives that are working to create positive change.

If you share your love for Africa with just one person and you encourage them to visit, you are an ambassador for Africa.

Timeless Timeline

Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



Timeless Africa Safaris has sponsored 34 learners from Pelican Park Primary to join the I Am Water program in the name of our Africa Ambassadors. What we love about this special organisation is that it educates children living on the coast of Cape Town about one of the world’s most precious resources. The Ocean Guardians two-day workshop takes kids, not all of whom have visited the ocean before, gets them into wetsuits at the beach and gives them hands-on lessons on ocean life and why the sea is so important for humans and the health of the planet. “The biggest changes that I see in the kids that take part – they fall in love with what they see and because you fall in love with something you naturally want to protect it.” – I Am Water Program Leader

Watch Video: Timeless Africa supports I Am Water Conservation

Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



The Timeless Africa Safaris team spent an afternoon with Uthando and Feed the Khaltsha planting seeds to grow organic food in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The food grown and sold from this township garden not only helps to provide employment to unemployed youth, but some of the food is donated to a nearby home for underprivileged children suffering with cerebral palsy and other differently abled kids.


Watch Video : Timeless Africa supports Feed the Khaltsha

Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



During the pandemic and the tourism industry’s greatest distress, we donated money in the name of our Africa Ambassadors to Ladles of Love who work hard to feed Cape Town’s homeless community. We also contributed to Coats for Cape Town, an organisation that raises funds to purchase and distribute warm coats for people on the streets during the harsh winter months.


Watch video : Interview with Marco Van Embden


Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



As players in Africa’s tourism industry, we care about supporting conservation efforts and supporting and uplifting the communities that are connected to conservation projects. 2019’s Africa Ambassador initiative was to donate funds to build two new classrooms for the eighty children and the teachers at Boithatelo Creche.

Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



A donation was made to Stop Rhino Poaching in the name of our Africa Ambassadors. Each person was sent a certificate confirming the donation made in their along, along with a beautiful, handmade, beaded elephant crafted by Street Wires.

Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



When the iconic Zeitz MOCAA art hub was opened in 2017 our Africa Ambassadors based in South Africa received a year’s membership as a gift. Timeless Africa Safaris was a travel partner for the launch of this museum (look out for our name on a plaque inside the museum), so we wanted to give back to the tourism industry and honour our Africa Ambassadors in a meaningful way.

Timeline of Africa Ambassadors



Timeless Africa Safaris is built on referrals. In 2009 our founder and CEO, Marco van Embden, developed the in-house concept of “Africa Ambassadors” to define individuals who support Africa in their own nations by sharing their positive African travel stories and encourage their networks to travel to Africa, thereby contributing to its conservation and community upliftment.

Shaping your children into earth ambassadors

Earth Ambassadors’ speaks to the philosophy behind our African travel experiences designed for children. We created the Earth Ambassador programme to help parents plan mindful tourism experiences for their children and grandchildren.

An Earth Ambassador is a child of any age who is passionate about taking care of our planet and its inhabitants. They are respectful of all life, including animals, plants, and people. They understand the importance of conserving our resources and they are committed to making a difference in the world. When you expose your children or grandkids to our Earth Ambassador inspired journeys in Africa, they will learn about the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. They will develop a deep respect for nature and the natural world and be inspired to take action to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

Some of the most exciting African experiences children can enjoy are already built into a safari holiday. From learning about the different animal tracks; the big five, the little five, the shy five; cleaning their teeth using small twigs and leaves from the toothbrush tree, to spending time connecting with safari guides and spending afternoons in the lodge kitchen cooking meals with produce sourced from the garden. When they’re a bit older, they can go behind the scenes to learn what it is to be a game ranger looking after conservancies and find out why animals are tagged. They can even ‘tag along’ with the rangers to view real animal tagging situations. Our team of experts has crafted a selection of magical kids’, tweens’ and teens’ activities to help ingrain Earth Ambassador values into their hearts and minds.

At Timeless Africa Safaris, our goal is to raise a generation of Earth Ambassadors who will be stewards of our planet for years to come. If you would like for your children to start this mindful journey on your next visit to Africa, please get in touch. We would love to have them on board!