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  • Our extraordinary trips are curated for real people, by real people.
  • Our reputation has stood the test of time.
  • We love working with complex guests with their unusual requests.
  • We are solution seekers and problem solvers.
  • We are a generous team and love to share our insider information with guests.
Expert knowledge of Africa
Impactful and sustainable travel
Unforgettable experiences
Luxury in every detail

1. We create trips for real people, by real people

Travelling with Timeless Africa Safaris provides the comfort and peace of mind that comes from entrusting your trip to a dedicated travel manager with extensive travel experience and a VIP touch.

Our trips are planned for human beings, by human beings, in response to our guests’ unique wishes and specific needs. We don’t trust algorithms with creating our guests’ dream holidays.

With unsurpassed knowledge and personal experience of the destinations they sell, our team is always expanding their travel experience and gathering fresh insider insights to share with guests and apply to new itineraries

Our travel managers are deeply passionate about Africa. They consider Africa to be the most magnificent continent in the world and have fallen in love with her rugged landscapes, majestic wildlife and her unique people.

At Timeless Africa Safaris, we genuinely care for our guests and how they experience Africa, doing their best to be available on the ground, in real time, offering speedy responses whether via a phone call, WhatsApp message or an email.

2. Our reputation has stood the test of time

Our outstanding reputation has been built over years of delivering on promises – with a smile. As a referrals-based business, our guests of today are the direct result of wonderful visit to Africa that we put together for others, days, weeks, months or even years ago. We are lucky to have consistently excellent guest feedback and, having been in business for more than 20 years, everybody in the industry knows us. While a good reputation is of the utmost importance to our guests, it has also become a wonderful advantage when looking for new desirable suppliers with whom we can partner.

3. We love complex guests

We love guests with big and bold travel dreams that need our specialist insights, know-how and connections to be realised. Multi-country trips, unusual themes and unique requests spark joy in the hearts of our team members as we balance logic and a touch of magic to design each itinerary.

4. We are solution seekers and problem solvers

Based on the ground in Cape Town, South Africa, we have a large network of trusted suppliers around the continent we may call on in the event of an emergency, or any last-minute itinerary changes. Having been in the industry for over 20 years we not only draw on business-to-business connections on behalf of our clients, but we have nurtured a web of personal contacts in a variety of industries, departments and regions whom we rely on for inside information and problem-solving advice.

As experienced problem solvers and solution seekers, we pride ourselves on our excellent communication, connecting quickly, consistently and clearly with all of the warmth and care that you would expect from a luxury service provider. Our travel managers aim to take away the uncertainty, anxiety and stress that our guests may feel about travel and Africa through strong communication.

5. We are a generous team

Working with one of us it is like working with all of us. We are honest and real; a positive and passionate team that prioritises sharing information, our unique travel experience and our connections for the benefit of each guest.

Such a vast and complex continent, our insider knowledge and understanding of Africa, as well as our connections and extensive experience will add far more value than the financial cost of your trip.

A luxury travel experience of Africa should be one of joy and wonderment, exploring a magnificent continent, coming close to wildlife in their natural habitat and being introduced to different cultures and ways of life. Our goal is to guide you in this process and ensure you have a seamless trip and most importantly keep that joy of travel alive.

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Our Story

Our greatest passion is uncovering the wonders of Africa for guests from all over the world. This exquisite continent offers an incredible variety of destinations. From the abundant wildlife of nature reserves like the Serengeti; to the refinement and bustle of cities like Cape Town; to the seclusion of private islands like Zanzibar; the beauty of Africa is unparalleled.

Conservation & community

For Timeless Africa Safaris, making a difference is about being authentic and our approach to “transformative travel” is twofold; creating initiatives that move our guests, as well as shift their perspectives in such a way that they leave a place better than they found it.