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The Wellness Side of Travelling in Africa

Wellness Travel is a means to promote your health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, through dedicated activities that you incorporate into your African trip. Whether it is yoga & meditation while on a safari, hiking up Table Mountain or Mount Kilimanjaro, running with Kenyans, or simply immersing yourself in nature along the riverbanks of the Okavango Delta – the goal is to return home feeling healthier and mentally stronger than when you arrived. Dedicate your entire holiday to wellness or simply include elements along the way such as green juices a relaxing spa treatment.


Nature is an incredible gift and refuge for those who find their solace in it regularly, and for city slickers. Connect with the sounds, sights, colours and learning it brings.

There is no need to forego your daily practice while travelling in Africa. You will find state-of-the-art studios in the big city centres, as well as scheduled yoga classes on safari and at various exotic locations.


Healthy food
Prioritise healthy eating according to your food philosophy and dietary needs whilst travelling, whether it is vegan, vegetarian, raw, Keto, organic, etc.

For active guests looking to incorporate physical activities into their holiday, there are many options. Choose from various outdoor activities, yoga and access to fully equipped fitness centres.


Digital detox
Focus on the world around you – the wildlife, incredible scenery and colourful cultures. In the times we live in, it is something for everyone to consider, especially professional people who are always on the go with very little downtime. Spend time at one of the no WIFI camps and reconnect with yourself, family, friends and nature.

If your main aim is to unwind and be pampered, you can spend your days leisurely with visits to the spa. Enjoy a sense of deep relaxation, while having an unforgettable African holiday and adventure.


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12 NightsFrom USD 18 490 per person
Originally curated forMaria & Oleg, Russia
TanzaniaSerengeti National ParkNgorongoro CraterZanzibar
4 NightsFrom USD 2 200 per person
Originally curated forMelanie & Paul, USA
Durban & SurroundsCape TownJohannesburg
5 NightsFrom USD 3 190 per person
Originally curated forLazarus Family, South Africa
MozambiqueBazaruto and Benguerra Archipelago
11 Nights From USD 8 000 per person
Originally curated forCharlie & Tania, USA
9 Nights From USD 43 280 per person
Originally curated forShep, Wendy & Family, USA
KenyaNairobiRwandaKigaliTanzaniaSerengeti National Park
12 Nights From USD 28 620 per person
Originally curated forJohn & Louise, USA
Republic of CongoOdzala-Kokoua National Park
10 Nights From USD 35 350 per person
Originally curated forA celebratory couple, USA
RwandaKigaliVolcanoes National ParkTanzaniaSerengeti National Park
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"I can’t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful experience for my entire family through Timeless Africa Safaris. Your company undeniably provides an extraordinary experience in luxury travel and we couldn’t have been happier with the entire trip."

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"I have been traveling in and around Africa for many years and have never been looked after in a more personal and attentive manner than by Timeless Africa Safari. I have since recommended TAS to many of my family and friends who travel to the African continent particularly if they are interested in enjoying a safari experience."

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