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About Zambia

If you’re looking to experience the ‘real’ Africa, a trip to Zambia should be your holiday of choice.Step back in time to an authentic, untamed African experience. Far from the homogenised, westernised version of African wildlife safaris preferred by so many tourists, Zambia is the real thing. It’s a diamond in the rough that has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller.

Sharing the majestic Victoria Falls and the world’s largest man-made reservoir, Lake Kariba, with its southern neighbour Zimbabwe, this uncompromising country has no shortage of natural beauty. Boasting some of the continent’s best wildlife parks and seventeen of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, Zambia is a peaceful and unspoiled land with untold riches waiting to be explored. With 5 massive lakes and plentiful rivers, Zambia also offers excellent Tiger and fly-fishing opportunities, as well as canoeing safaris, house-boating holidays and adrenaline-pumping white-water rafting.

Why Zambia?

From exotic African safaris, deep in the wilderness, to the mad rush of bungee jumping into the gorge below the Victoria Falls, in Zambia you will find an authentic and unbelievable experience, which you will never forget

  • Wide open spaces
  • 30% of the country is protected Wildlife space
  • Best guides in Africa
  • Remote destinations
  • Small properties, ideal for families to book out privately
  • Small charter flights which can be private

Best time to go to Zambia

  • Peak Season
  • Mid Season
  • Rainy Season

The peak period to visit Zambia is during the dry, winter months of May to October when game viewing is at its best and the Victoria Falls are at their zenith. The rainy season occurs in summer, between November and March, although temperatures stay generally warm. Some safari lodges are seasonal and close over the rainy summer months.

Our insights on Zambia

  • If you’re looking to experience the ‘real’ Africa, a trip to Zambia should be your holiday of choice. English is the official language, so you shouldn’t have any trouble communicating with ordinary locals.

  • Zambia is a wonderful destination for adventure lovers who can choose canoeing safaris, house-boating holidays and white-knuckle white-water rafting, or even bungee jumping into the gorge below Victoria Falls.

  • While Zambia has plenty of untamed territories, you’ll gain easy access via Lusaka airport, which can be reached directly from Dubai, Istanbul, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

  • Up the ante by taking in a legendary African sunset on a late afternoon river cruise, or enjoy fine dining on river islands along the lower Zambezi Valley.

  • Wildlife highlights include bird watching in Victoria Falls’ Mosi Oa Tunya National Park; guided walking safaris and night drives in South Luangwa; canoe and boat safaris in the Lower Zambezi; and predators and birding in Kafue National Park.

  • If your best holidays are about connecting with locals, in Zambia you’re likely to meet some of the best guides in Africa, who will have plenty of harrowing and entertaining stories to share.

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Guest Feedback
"Everything was meticulously planned and well executed. The guides were amazing. The accommodations very warm and possibly some of the best hospitality we have experienced in all our travels. The family is in love with Africa and is certain to come back. It is a good sign when you already start planning your next vacation!"

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