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The Romantic Side of Africa

Africa is one of the worlds most “Uniquely romantic” holiday destinations. We believe in creating memories to last a lifetime, and what better way than with a romantic flare incorporated into your holiday. Romance doesn’t have to be about a dozen roses. For us it means making unforgettable and cherished moments with a loved one. Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, venturing on an African honeymoon, looking for a couple breakaway (from the kids?) or just an excuse to celebrate your love, we understand what it takes to create your dreamlike “lovey-dovey” holiday. What’s love got to do with it you ask? Everything.

Love under the African sky

It is a new beginning, a promise, a commitment and a celebration all in one. Start your life journey together with a deeply meaningful and connected honeymoon in Africa.

Wedding anniversaries
This is a time to celebrate your commitment and unique love story. Whether it is your 1st or 30th anniversary, nothing can be more romantic than enjoying each other on a specially planned holiday in Africa.

Celebrating your love
There is no need to wait for a milestone to celebrate your love. Deepen your connection with a shared and meaningful experience in Africa. It can be as luxurious, lazy, or adventurous as you like.

Hiding from the kids
Keep the romance alive by taking some time out from your beloved young ones. Come to Africa – it’s ok – your secret is safe with us.

Self-love and solo travel
Sometimes our schedules just do not match up with those of our partners and friends, and sometimes we just need time on our own. Treat yourself to a timeless African break, reconnect with nature and travel on your own terms.

trip inspiration perfect for romance

9 NightsFrom USD 11 400 per person
Originally curated forJason & Elise, USA
ZimbabweVictoria FallsRwandaVolcanoes National ParkKenyaMaasai Mara National Reserve
9 Nights From USD 4 300 per person
Originally curated forJuliana and Alfredo, USA
12 NightsFrom USD 24 000 per person
Originally curated forChris & Gwen, USA
18 Nights From USD 35 000 per person
Originally curated forAn adventurous couple, USA
KenyaMaasai Mara National ReserveRwandaKigaliTanzaniaSerengeti National ParkZanzibar
12 NightsFrom USD 8 400 per person
Originally curated forShiri & Corey, Canada
ZimbabweVictoria FallsSouth AfricaCape WinelandsCape TownMadikwe Game Reserve
5 Nights From USD 3 125 per person
Originally curated forJohn & Susie, USA
MozambiqueBazaruto and Benguerra Archipelago
10 Nights From USD 9 500 per person
Originally curated forHoneymooners, USA
South AfricaCape TownCape WinelandsSabi Sand Game Reserve
9 NightsFrom USD 11 350 per person
Originally curated forJody & Sid, USA
South AfricaJohannesburgBotswanaChobe National ParkOkavango DeltaZambiaVictoria Falls
10 Nights From USD 35 350 per person
Originally curated forA celebratory couple, USA
RwandaKigaliVolcanoes National ParkTanzaniaSerengeti National Park