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About Rwanda

Located in the heart of Central and East Africa, Rwanda is a lush country of boundless mountains and breathtaking scenery. This “Land of a Thousand Hills” is home to one third of Africa’s bird species, several species of primates, and most significantly, 40 percent of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas.


Travel to the Northwest Territory, to the National Volcanoes Park, and hidden amongst the dense, misty forests of these treacherous volcanic slopes you will discover a truly unique African safari experience. A hike through sometimes challenging terrain on one of Rwanda’s famous mountain gorilla tours can bring you into contact with these highly endangered creatures and allow you to experience one of the most intimate and poignant of African wildlife safari encounters first hand. Gorillas have become such an ingrained part of Rwandan culture that, each year in June, the country celebrates a unique naming ceremony for baby mountain gorillas, or Kwita Izina as it is known locally.

Rwanda Highlights:

  • Spectacular scenery and wildlife, unique to Africa.
  • The Cradle of mankind.
  • Bucket list experience; coming face to face with the mountain gorillas.
  • Big Five in an easy safari – great for both first-timers and seasoned safari-goers.

Best time to go to Rwanda

  • Peak Season
  • Mid Season
  • Rainy Season

Rwanda is considered a year round destination, the best time to see the Gorillas or for safari in general is over the dry season, June to September. There are two rain periods to avoid for gorilla trekking are the “long rains” April – May and the “short rains” in November.

Our insights on Rwanda

  • Forty percent of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas can be found in Rwanda, making it the ultimate spot for gorilla trekking and contact with Mother Nature’s most regal primate.

  • Even at the height of tourist season, the region has a low influx of tourists, so you’ll mostly experience authentic Rwanda wherever you go.

  • Rwanda is known for its history of violent conflict and genocide. For an especially meaningful and emotional travel experience, book a private tour of significant sites that bring its history to life.

  • Rwanda’s lodges are the best of the best. Small, intimate and private some lodges have only 10 rooms, making them perfect for intergenerational extended family trips.

  • Elevate your luxury getaway or honeymoon by booking private charter flights, transfers, guides, and safari vehicles and create an intimate holiday cocoon.

  • We only book guests with partners playing an active role in positively impacting the environment, wildlife, and local community, which means your visit will contribute to sustaining Rwanda’s magnificence for future generations.

Guest Feedback
"The timeless team did an exemplary job planning and executing our trip to Rwanda. Not only was the gorilla and golden monkey trekking the most amazing experience but Rwanda is a beautiful, well run country and so worth the visit! We have told all our friends what an amazing experience we had!"

Leigh & Jannie, SA | Rwanda gorilla trekking trip

Guest Feedback
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible trip to Rwanda. We didn’t have to think of a single thing – every tiny detail was taken care of. And what a beautiful country."

Jo & Chris, SA | Rwanda Trip

Guest Feedback
"Susan and I had a great 7 day trip to Rwanda. Highly recommended. Included 2 gorilla treks which exceeded our expectations – gorillas approached within 1 metre and we always felt safe with the experienced guides – even had the unexpected bonus of seeing 2 elephants up close on the 1 trek. Food at the Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel was outstanding! People were friendly."

David & Susan, USA | 7 Day Rwanda Trip

Guest Feedback
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming through with the trip to Rwanda. As you can imagine, one needs to have a lot of trust with the person/ company that is leading a trip to very unchartered territories. Tonight I had the opportunity to catch up with Micah and his wife and they raved about the Rwanda trip. You can be sure I will highly recommend your company for future trips and if you need references down the road, feel free to use my name."

Guy Berliner |


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