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When I was invited to experience one of Cape Town Helicopters’ scenic flights, I was torn between excitement and terror...

Melissa conquering her fear of heights

I have a fear of heights…a very ‘healthy’ fear of heights. As you can imagine, when I was invited to experience one of Cape Town Helicopters’ scenic flights, I was torn between excitement and terror. But declining was not an option for me as I’m a firm believer that you cannot offer an amazing experience like this to a guest without experiencing it first-hand.

Deciding a little terror couldn’t do me harm, I gracefully accepted.

You can choose from an array of scenic flights around the Cape Peninsula, with breathtaking views of the Mother City, Table Mountain National Park, the Atlantic Coast and False Bay. But what really sets Cape Town Helicopters apart from the rest is its unique selection of curated experiences that take you beyond sightseeing. These adventures range from Winelands flights which include gourmet lunches and wine tastings, to picnics and sundowners in the Jonkershoek Valley to heli-biking in Stellenbosch.

Located in the V&A Waterfront, we were warmly welcomed on arrival at their hangar, offered refreshments, given a safety briefing and individually weighed

Insider Tip:

When booking your scenic flight, you will be asked to complete an indemnity form and to provide your body weight… don’t lie. They ask for this for obvious safety reasons. Also, I’m sure the staff take bets on who has fibbed on their forms.

How my trip went:

On the very short drive from the hangar to the helipad, my fear of heights was a distant memory. Seeing the helicopters landing and taking off up close is phenomenal…and adds an extra dash of anticipation to the already mounting excitement. To keep us grounded(!), we were kept briefed on safety procedures every step of the way prior to boarding the helicopter, during the flight journey as well as afterward. Safety is key at Cape Town Helicopters!


Up, up, and away! Feeling the beat of the helicopter, seeing a bird’s eye view of the magnificence we are blessed to call home, and the unexpected silence of the flight (noise-cancelling headphones!) all combined to make this one of the best (and safest) experiences in Cape Town.

But for you to fully appreciate what I’m saying – you would have to experience it for yourself. 😉

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