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About Indian Ocean Islands

Nestled in these warm waters are a number of spectacular tropical islands. If you’re looking for a luxury trip to Africa that isn’t just another African safari, these magical islands are the ideal locations to while away your days and unwind from the fast pace of everyday living.

The calming, azure ocean and miles of white sand beaches will transport your mind to a place of endless relaxation and give you the opportunity to reconnect and rejuvenate. These islands are amongst the most exotic and beautiful in the world and offer warm hospitality and exquisite accommodation. Tours to the Seychelles, with their giant granite boulders, breathtaking beaches and 115 islands from which to choose can leave the visitor spoiled for choice, while a trip to Mauritius, with its lush, tropical beauty will leave you wanting for nothing, except perhaps another cocktail.

Sail across the endless blue ocean, enjoy the world famous deep sea fishing of the abundant Indian Ocean or snorkel and scuba-dive amongst colourful tropical fish and corals, experiencing your own private paradise

Best time to go to Indian Ocean Islands

  • Peak Season
  • Mid Season
  • Rainy Season

The Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius & Seychelles do offer varied weather conditions. Seychelles is a tropical climate with year-round high temperates. The islands are dry from March to November and rainfall occurs from December to February. Mauritius is best avoided January to March as this is potential cyclone season.

Our insights on Indian Ocean Islands

  • Island holidays are perfect for all ages and all vacation paces, which makes them ideal multi-generational family escapes. Action-packed stays can be arranged right alongside more relaxing itineraries to suit the different members of your group.

  • Warm Indian Ocean water means snorkeling and scuba-diving are always on the table, allowing you to spend hours swimming amongst tropical fish and exploring live corals.

  • Luxury accommodations come with truly delicious hotel culinary experiences, allowing you to enjoy more Western-style meals or adventure into more local cuisine options.

  • Exquisite tropical destinations like the Seychelles and Mauritius are used to hosting international visitors. You’ll enjoy warm interactions with locals, while bar staff will still be familiar with your favourite cocktails.

  • Lean into your rest, rejuvenation and reconnection holiday goals and book your pamper-happy travel mates in for a massage, pedicure or wellness treatment at a luxury spa.

  • Indian Ocean Island beaches have plenty of white sands and azure waters, making them wonderful destinations for avid photographers or anyone wanting an Instagram-worthy escape.

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