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A true paradise for nature lovers

Known locally as Andasibe-Mantadia, named after a nearby village, this national park is a true paradise for nature lovers boasting a rich selection of flora and fauna species, including vibrant orchids (seasonal) and beautiful fern trees. The 810 hectare lush rainforest is undoubtably the best place to spot the teddy-bear-like indri-indri, Madagascar’s largest lemur, renowned for their melancholic yodelling, and preposterous appearance. Other species inhabiting the park include the red-fronted maki, the woolly avahi, and the lesser bamboo lemur. There are 109 species of birds including the Souimanga sunbird, the Madagascar mesite, and the Cuckoo Roller. The reserve is home to many wonderful species of chameleon, including the 2 foot-long Parson’s chameleon and the tiny nose-horned chameleon.

Featured Lodge

Fringed by white sand beaches and sprawling coral reefs, Time + Tide Miavana is a haven of luxury at the ends of the Earth.

Stay in Andasibe National Park

Discover our selection of the top accommodation offerings in Andasibe National Park.

Time + Tide Miavana

Fringed by white sand beaches and sprawling coral reefs, Miavana is a haven of luxury at the ends of the Earth.

Le Soleil des Tsingy

Located in the heart of the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar.

Palissandre Cote Ouest Resort & Spa

Palissandre Hotel & Spa is located in downtown Antananarivo

Anjajavy Le Lodge

Nestled in lush vegetation on a peninsula on the west coast of Madagascar.

Relais Du Kirindy

Set amidst lush vegetation near the Kirindy Nature Reserve.

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