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Maputo was considered one of Africa’s most beautiful and fashionable cities

With an economy that centres on a thriving, working harbour, it is an eclectic melting pot of diverse cultures and influences and an ideal starting point on any trip to Mozambique. Formerly known as Lourenzo Marques, Maputo was considered one of Africa’s most beautiful and fashionable cities with an impressive high-rise skyline and a cosmopolitan atmosphere until it was ravaged by a civil war. Today Maputo is busy recapturing some of its former glory and travellers can experience the unique blend of Portugese, African and Middle Eastern cuisine and culture in its vibrant and bustling streets.

Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of tours and trips exploring Maputo’s turbulent history and most important landmarks, like the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Conceiao (Our Lady of Conception) which was the nucleus of the original settlement. Whether you’re exploring landmarks like the palatial Central Railway Station, getting lost in the busy market, enjoying the wild mix of interesting cuisine at the host of fantastic restaurants, including excellent fresh seafood, or experiencing an African safari at the nearby Maputo Elephant Reserve, you’ll find something to enthral you in this exotic, one-of-a-kind destination.

Featured Hotel

Polana Serena Hotel is a must-see historical landmark when visiting Maputo.

Stay in at Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo

The “Grand Dame” of Africa, as the Polana Serena Hotel is widely known, is a must-see historical landmark when visiting Maputo on a trip to Mozambique. The elegance and splendour of its facade are the living memory of bygone colonial times; its luxurious interiors whisper stories of the many generations who spent nights protected by the hotel’s majestic walls, kings and queens, ambassadors and presidents, princesses and common travellers; its gardens, perfect and romantic lookouts, offer breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean

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"It was the most magical experience as well as going during these times, ’cause there weren’t as many people around, so we really had the safari all to ourselves. So thank you, for creating the most magical trip through Rwanda Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique."

Claire & Scott, CA | Multi-Country Trip

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"I have no words to thank you for the wonderful trip and we will keep it in our hearts and souls forever. Everything was great and according to the programme. I have already recommended you to very close friends to arrange their future trips. Thanks you so much on behalf of the whole family."

Karla Moino, USA

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"We had a great trip; it was such a great mix of different cultures people and landscape. The family unanimously voted “best trip ever”! Thank you, we look forward to going back to Africa."

Andre, SA | Mauritius Family Trip