Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

Located in the Southeastern corner of Zimbabwe, the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is set on 124 000 acres of untouched wilderness. This pristine area boasts a beautiful and diverse habitat including 100 rock sites dating back over 2000 years, as well as the distinctly African sights of the Baobab and Mopane trees. All of this natural beauty is set against the backdrop of the majestic Malilangwe mountains and dam. The reserve is brimming with amazing flora and fauna including several endangered species such as the black rhino and Roan and sable antelope.

At the deluxe lodge situated in the reserve, you will experience an African safari where you may easily spot the Big Five, several species of antelope and some of the 14 Eagle species found in this wildlife-rich region. Hot African afternoons can be spent relaxing and you can end your day with a memorable sunset cruise before retiring for a delectable African meal.

For a trip to Zimbabwe like no other, the Malilangwe Reserve offers all the wildlife and luxury you desire on an unforgettable African travel experience.

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