Running in the African wild combines unparalleled beauty with the chance to see plains animals like giraffe and antelope in their natural habitat. Share the experience with a local Kenyan who knows the bush like his back garden and can reveal its many secrets.

By combining your luxury trip to Africa with one of the most incredible running experiences on the planet, the Masaai Mara in Kenya lets you overcome the dilemma familiar to all sportspeople – that need to train for an upcoming event but not wanting to miss out on life.

See all the incredible sights, stay in ultimate luxury, and experience once-in-a-lifetime running with a local Nassau Mara tribe member atop the picturesque plateau, with panoramic views of the plains below. Very few people will ever have the privilege of running in true wilderness, this is something very special.


Steady footfalls on the African earth, beating out an ancient rhythm in tune with the distant hills. Long yellow grasses brush past and an iconic acacia cuts the skyline as the morning blush deepens. Scents of earth and plants fill your senses and the hum of insects intensifies. Zebra and Wildebeest pause their grazing to watch your progress, a few skittish youngsters react with their own burst of speed.

The people of the Masaai Mara are world renowned for their natural athleticism and ability to run vast distances. It is a part of their ancient hunting way of life and a respected aspect to their culture. A team of 10 Nassau Mara tribesmen, all excellent runners are available to accompany you on your run(s) through the Mara. There is no formal programme, the experience is fully customised based on your level of fitness, the amount of training you want to do, the seasons and influences of the moment.