Home to the Okavango Delta, vast open spaces and astounding wildlife, Botswana lies on the northern border of South Africa. Covered largely by the Kalahari Desert, a trip to Botswana offers the visitor a surprisingly vast array of wildlife and eco-systems.

In the North lies the famous Okavango Delta, with its enchanting wetlands and incredible wildlife, while in the central areas you’ll find one of the world’s largest salt pans, the makgadikgadi pans, covering an area roughly the size of Portugal. For much of the year, most of this desolate area remains waterless and extremely arid, but following the rainy season, flooding attracts countless animals and birdlife, treating visitors to the overwhelming spectacle of hundreds of thousands of pink flamingos gathering together in the shallow floodwaters.

Despite a seemingly harsh landscape, Botswana is a destination of rich cultures and exhilarating African wildlife safaris with unmatched game viewing opportunities. From the adventure of an Okavango safari, to the big African skies and quiet isolation of the Kalahari, Botswana’s breathtaking scenery and peaceful tranquillity attracts visitors seeking a unique and personal African safari experience.

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