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Situated in the vast expanse of Zambia’s remote Western Province, Liuwa Plains National Park is a world-famous wildlife sanctuary. It is home to the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa and is known to have the world’s highest population of hyena. This pristine wilderness is characterised by endless golden savannah and grassy floodplains stretching over 3600 square kilometres. The park is inhabited by a diverse variety of birdlife and wildlife including: lion, wild dog, zebra, cheetah, buffalo, roan antelope and flocks of crowned and wattled cranes, to name a few. Visitors can enjoy an exhilarating flight over the awe-inspiring floodplains of the Zambezi, stroll past blooming irises and colourful lilies on a guided walking safari, soak up the spectacular scenery on a game drive, or visit a local village and learn about Liuwa’s fascinating history and traditions.

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