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The continent of Africa is steeped in history and the mystery of ancient civilizations. Discover the many facets of Africa’s history and heritage by visiting sites like the Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania and the caves in Sterkfontein in South Africa, where hominid fossils dating back 3.5 million years have been discovered. Explore the mysterious ancient Great Zimbabwe ruins, or uncover Africa’s brutal past with Slave tours in West Africa and East Africa’s slaving towns of Lamu in Kenya and Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar. Visit the Masaai people in Tanzania and Kenya, or take a cultural tour of Rwanda and learn about their violent history. Visit South Africa and learn how its people overcame oppression and adversity at incredible museums like the Apartheid Museum and the District Six Museum. Spend some time in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island, or tour the famous battlefields of KwaZulu Natal. Discover the ancient San culture or visit Groote Schuur in Cape Town, the site of the world’s very first successful heart transplant. There is a wealth of culture and history waiting to be explored across the continent, and those who take the time will leave richer for the experience.

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