Experience Vibrant Social Culture

Experience the vibrant, vivid social culture of a South African Township, on one of the many tours available around the country. An emotional and eye-opening experience, every township visit is an opportunity to interact with an authentic and energetic aspect of South African culture. With the ‘shebeens’ (brewing houses) and the ‘sangomas’ (witchdoctors) selling ‘muti’ or cures, the townships reflect a unique culture that has emerged through the struggle of the apartheid years. Whether you want to swap stories with locals over a beer in the shebeen, browse through the local curios and artworks, visit a mystical sangoma or visit famous sites of the struggle against the Apartheid regime, you’ll soak in the vibrant atmosphere formed in these close communities. Walk the dusty streets among the informal homes made of tin and plastic, engage with the street kids and learn their stories, visit the local schools or try to wrap your tongue around the local language with its many clicks and unfamiliar sounds.

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