On Safari in Africa with Menus Your Way:  From Strict Kosher to Gluten-Free

Timeless Africa Safaris makes specialty of adventure travel itineraries that cater to guest culinary preferences and needs

“Our philosophy of travel revolves around providing clients with precisely what they desire and require to make their time on safari in Africa as rewarding as possible – and that includes their time at the dinner table. Consulting with guests and working in close relationship with great chefs at luxury lodges, we have made accommodation of health and dietary requirements a key differentiator of the adventures we offer across the continent.” Marco van Embden

The last thing travellers on safari in Africa should have to think about is the suitability of their next meal. Instead, they should think about exploring the continent’s most remarkable scenic and cultural destinations. We specialise in catering to kosher, food allergy-restricted, and dietary-conscious guests, becoming your “personal connection” to Africa with attention to every detail including the customization of delicious meals to suit particular requirements and tastes. We make personal attention to our guests a hallmark of our travel experience.

Chefs preparing pizza at Abu Camp, Botswana
Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana photographed by CrookesAndJackson.com

Dining by Diet and Taste

Our Kosher guests, can rest assured that all of their dietary requirements will be met, with everything from pre-packed and sealed Kosher meals for travel overseen by the local Beth Din, to direct consultation with chefs to ensure they have full involvement in their meals. Guests may request their own Mashgiach on safari if they choose, and they are welcome to inspect kitchens and light the gas on the stove before cooking begins.

A family enjoying a meal at a beautiful setting
Royal Malewane, Kruger National Park

A recent honeymoon safari we arranged for a strict Kosher couple included all of the above as well as a private art tour at Zeitz MOCCA, a Woodstock spray paint session with a famous local artist, kosher picnic packs for all day trips, arranging for a mikvah and more. Gorilla trekking and yoga classes in the wild are a given, but each lodge on the couple’s itinerary also had kitchens specially designed for Kosher guests, including in Kruger National Park in South Africa where they were met by their personal Mashgiach who had arrived a day early to prepare the kitchen team and finish the safari on a high note. As part of 75,000-strong Jewish community of South Africa, the center of Jewish culture in Africa, our knowledge of Kosher practices is second nature.


Chefs at work

We strive to accommodate the full range of the dietary, health-related, and culture requirements of our guests. Culinary specialties include:

• Vegan
• Plant-based
• Gluten intolerance
• Diabetes
• Celiac Disease
• Vegetarian
• Pescetarian
• And more

Among happily accommodated guests traveling with us was someone requiring a CPAP machine for obstructive sleep apnoea; several with severe allergies to chemicals, cleaning materials, and soap; a family traveling with a child with autism – and his own particular tastes at the table; and a guest with three slipped disks who required frequent rest and private game vehicles so he could return to the lodge as he liked without impacting other guests.