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11 Nights

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Destination: Republic of Congo

A low-impact eco safari unlike any other, this ultimate rainforest discovery is a journey of a lifetime into the vast jungles of the Republic of Congo. From gorillas and elephants to bongo and blue turaco, this is a rainforest discovery like no other. Here you explore the magnitude and sheer beauty of the Congo Basin in safety, with 3 exceptional camps and an expedition to Dzanga-Sangha bai. On embarking on this journey, you will contribute to the Parks efforts in raising global awareness, local sustainable development and protection of Congo’s invaluable rainforests and the wildlife that dwell within.

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USD 25 475 per person
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Day 1: Brazzaville

Dan and Casey embarked on their Bucket-List Adventure with a flight into Brazzaville.

The day was spent exploring the vibrant city – the Poto Poto market (known for amazing textiles), visiting areas of local and historical interest, eating in some fun and quirky restaurants and meeting up with the Sapeurs or La Sape, a slang abbreviation based on the French word sape, meaning ‘attire’. This refers to the Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (Society for Creators of Ambiance and Elegant People) which is a subculture centered on the cities of Brazzaville and Kinshasa. Spending time with the Sapeurs, the couple was taught the rules of elegance, through parades, dance and walking the town.

Day 2: Mbomo

Escorted to Maya Maya International Airport, Dan and Casey boarded the scheduled charter flight to the Odzala-Kokoua Natoinal Park airstrip. The Conco Conservation Company met the couple, with their adventure beginning in earnest on a game drive safari drive through the park, via Mbomo Village to Ngaga Camp. The Camp is located in the Ndzehi Forest and situated right next to the gorilla research center pioneering Western Lowland Gorilla research. Dinner with the team and leading researchers to learn more about their work in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park which is home to the highest density of Western Lowland Gorillas, was incredibly enriching and educational. The highlight of their stay was tracking habituated groups of western lowland gorillas through the rain forest. Skilled local trackers led them in search of gorillas accustomed (through years of patient research) to being approached by humans. The couple found this experience exiting, humbling and life-affirming.

Day 3-5: Mombo

Setting off early on a safari drive transfer the Mbomo Village and the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Dan and Casey enjoyed lunch at Mboko camp and continued for one of the best arrivals in Africa – from Mboko the couple safari kayak’ed down the Lekoli River, encountering chimps, monkeys, elephants and buffalo along the river edge as they drifted past.
A Game drive transfer from Lango Camp through the open savannah before reaching the edge of the forest saw the couple walking along a wooden raised path amongst the trees to Mboko Camp. River safari in aluminium boats or on kayaks were a great way to explore the wilderness and find unique wildlife species in their secluded habitats.

This is one of the best camp arrivals in Africa. From Mboko Camp you start with a safari kayak down the Lekoli River. At the entrance to Lango Baï the kayaks were pulled up on the river bank and a wonderful walk to camp began. They watched flocks of green pigeons coming to roost, forest buffalo grazing and were lucky enough to encounter and bongo and forest elephant as they waded through the water up the baï.

Arriving in time for sundowners at Lango Camp and watching the setting sun, was the perfect reward after an adventurous day. Their stay here comprised of searching on foot for various primates, birds, forest elephants, bongo and forest buffalo. The mineral-rich Lango Baï attracts a variety of birds and mammals, easily viewed from the open deck.

They enjoyed a game drive transfer from Lango Camp through the open savannah before reaching the edge of the forest saw the couple walking along a wooden raised path amongst the trees to Mboko Camp. River safari in aluminium boats or on kayaks was a great way to explore the wilderness and find unique wildlife species in their secluded habitats.

Day 6: Odzala Kokoua National Park

An early morning Game drive transfer from Mboko Camp to the airstrip for the flight to Kabo on the edge of the Sangha River, followed by a quick road transfer or walk to the river. From here the couple stared a wonderful 4-6 hour boat journey up the Sangha River and along the river edge in a little hut, they entered the Central African Republic where their passport was stamped. Late afternoon arrival at Sangha Lodge, Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve was cause for great excitement.

Day 7-11: Odzala Kokoua National Park

At Dzanga Baï, Dan and Casey discovered ancient forests and wildlife as never before seen. Sangha Lodge is located near the geographical heart of Africa with chalets overlooking the Sangha River. A thrilling experience to see herds of the elusive forest elephant, spend time with the Ba’Aka on their net hunting missions, walk through the Valley of Giants, explore hidden waterfalls, kayak down the Sangha River and learn about conservation efforts, including the Sangha Pangolin Project. There are few as rewarding conservation safaris as this!

Their return journey began downstream from Sangha Lodge to Kabo Airstrip down the Sangha River, and a charter flight departs and Game drive transfer to Mboko Camp where they enjoyed the afternoon safari activity. Their last night was one of reflection. The couple took time to immerse their senses in this place and time.

Day 12: End of their adventure

Early morning game drive transfer from Mboko Camp to the airstrip and a charter flight to Maya Maya International Airport for their onward flight home, Dan and Casey bid a sad farewell to their guides, but with gratitude for a life-changing experience.

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