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Mana Pools, a hidden gem located along the meandering banks of the Zambezi River, bordering Northern Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Welcome to the untouched wilderness of Mana Pools National Park, a hidden gem located along the meandering banks of the Zambezi River, bordering Northern Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This off-the-beaten-track piece of heaven is a haven for both wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers seeking an authentic safari experience. This is not a “tick-a-box” safari, it is true nature in its elemental state. The total protected area equates to almost 1.7 million hectares of some of the most remote wilderness in South Africa.

Mana Pools is named after the Shona word for “four” and references the four largest oxbow lakes – Main, Chie, Shisambuk, and Long. On the floodplains, groves of Ana Trees, create a perfect photographic backdrop, and if you are lucky you will get to see one of Mana Pools’ famous sights – bull elephants stretching up to reach the nutritious seedpods, sometimes balancing on their hind legs.


My visit to Molori Mashuma

I had the good fortune to visit the as-yet-unopened lodge Molori Mashuma. It is officially only open to guests for the 2024 safari season (April to October). The flight on Airlink from Cape Town to Harare or Johannesburg to Harare makes for quick access, and from there, it’s a short 1-hour flight on a small aircraft such as a Caravan operated by Mack Air.


Mashuma has been built and managed by the same amazing team who brought us Malori Madikwe, part of the Rora Collection.


About Molori Mashuma

The 5-Star Molori Mshuma is built on a private concession overlooking the Mashuma Pan, just a few kilometers from the Zambezi River. It is a magnet for wildlife in the open surrounding grasslands, including Nic the resident bull elephant who happily pays a regular visit to the lodge to keep an eye on proceedings. It is a beautiful, tented camp boasting an aesthetic that blends local elements with chic designer furnishings. There are two, 2-bedroom family units and then four individual tented units all overlooking the water-filled pan. With an impressive solar power installation, it is completely off the grid.

The lodge boasts a variety of dining areas, a one-of-a-kind BBQ Pod for an interactive evening, the Boma, the open-air deck, bush breakfast on the banks of the Zambezi River, and a bush dinner or sundowners overlooking an ancient Baobab Tree and the mountains in the distance.

Safari offering:

While the owners are still in the process of developing their safari offering, they do offer game drives, bush walks, and possibly river activities will be on the cards in due course

Who will love Molori Mashuma?

It is for those travellers seeking authenticity, the real deal, unspoilt Africa Wilderness, birders, and photographers. Here you won’t find the Big Five around every corner (they don’t offer Rhino and Giraffe), but you will find ancient Baobabs, herds of elephants, crocs, hippos, and totally unspoiled night skies for star gazing.

For birders, this destination has over 380 recorded bird species, spread across more than three different habitats from woodlands to plateaus and savannah areas. Keep an eye out for the African skimmer, Pel’s fishing owl and Lilian’s lovebird among others.

Combine with Victoria Falls, Hwange, and further afield to Botswana or Zambia

With its unique blend of diverse ecosystems, abundant wildlife, and riverine frontage you will embark on an exploration of a pristine natural wonderland where the rhythms of the wild and the whispers of the ancient trees await your discovery.


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