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Founder of Veld and Sea, Roushanna Gray is a wild food innovator and avid forager. She teaches about indigenous edible foods through immersive experiences...

Roushanna Gray

Founder of Veld and Sea, Roushanna Gray is a wild food innovator and avid forager. She teaches about indigenous edible foods through immersive experiences, connection and creativity. Inspired by the local edible indigenous plant availability, she has been experimenting with the exciting flavours and diversity of Fynbos and Indigenous plants for over ten years.


The wide range of delicious and nutritious culinary offerings from the beautiful inter-tidal rock pools along our coastline also play a major role in her cooking, classes and workshops. In 2019 she won the Spier Sustainability award at the Food XX and Eatout awards for her efforts to highlight South Africa’s local edible plant culture and to educate people on foraging as well as the Most Authentic African Experience award  for recognition of excellence in the hospitality division by the Cape Town Experience Awards

“Veld and Sea are the real authentic foraging experience. Their venue is so beautifully and effortlessly curated, the foraging is such a learning experience and a true reflection of how we can harmoniously eat… the deliciosity of the meal we produced under their care, was so unique and scrumptious, a totally one off experience.To know what is edible and what is poisonous, how to identify, to learn what part of the plant to harvest and how to prepare are all important and valuable lessons to learn in sustainable and responsible foraging.”

Join the experience

They would love for you to join them track the edible landscape through the seasons on one of their wildly delicious adventures – rediscover our local wild flavours. From wild mushrooms to seaweeds and shellfish, edible weeds and flowers, to roots, shoots and more – every season has its own incredible flavour profile on offer.

They also host an array of exciting and educational nature-inspired workshops, wild flavoured experiences and collaborative events for public groups, private groups and celebrations.

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