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At Timeless Africa Safaris, “transformative travel” is twofold: combining experiences that move our guests and shift their perspectives with initiatives that leave the places we visit a little better than we found them.

Rhinos, as a species, are under threat of extinction. These magnificent animals are a precious irreplaceable natural resource that belongs to each and every one of us. It is our responsibility to uphold their rights.


Rhinos at a watering hole at Madikwe Game Reserve

Taken by Kay at Madikwe Game Reserve

Influence those around you

Information is power and informed people can change global attitudes to rhino horn and reduce the demand around the world. We encourage you to talk about the plight of rhinos and spread accurate information. Start conversations amongst your networks, spark debate on digital platforms, forward this newsletter, even take out an ad in your local media – inform those around you and empower them to make a difference.

Support vetted NGOs

Help fund the fight against rhino poaching by donating to our initiative for strategically funding on-the-ground security initiatives, rangers on the frontlines, and tangible projects within selected key rhino areas and reserves. For assistance with tax exemption donations contact:

Help stop the trade

Avoid products that include rhino horn as an ingredient and ornaments made from rhino horn. Apply pressure and draw negative attention to those dealing in rhino horn goods and their customers. If we cut demand, we undermine the market and there will be no need for poaching any longer.

Lobby governments and policymakers

Find out your government’s position on rhino horn and, if it is not in line with conserving an endangered species, make your opinion known.

Host a fund raising party

Next time you have cause to celebrate, ask your guests to contribute to a worthwhile cause instead of a gift… get in touch for more details and ideas:

Rhino at Camp Jabulani

Rhino at Camp Jabulani

See rhino in the wild

Visit one of the beautiful reserves in South Africa that are working tirelessly to safeguard rhinos. It is an unforgettable experience to see this incredible animal in its natural environment, well worth sharing with family and friends, and you will be providing vital revenue for rhino protection.


The Rhino Bill of Rights is a manifesto to save and protect endangered rhinos in Africa; a proclamation to affect real change, before it’s too late. Timeless Africa Safaris will donate R21 for every signature, up to a set amount, to high-impact rhino conservation projects and non-profit organisations dedicated to their survival. Share it with everyone you know, spread the importance of this message far and wide, and let’s take action against the loss of this precious species.


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  • Influence those around you
  • Support vetted NGOs
  • Help stop the trade
  • Lobby governments and policymakers
  • Host a fund raising party
  • See rhino in the wild
  • Sign our petition

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