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Many of our guests become actively involved in giving back through wildlife initiatives or community programmes.

The threat to rhinos is a multifaceted problem and is being tackled from all angles from dissuading end-users of rhino horn products to on-the-ground initiatives like curbing poaching and habitat protection. There are so many organisations doing different things that it makes it a difficult issue to support from afar. At Timeless Africa Safaris, our approach is two-fold:

Firstly, we always support ethical, ecologically minded lodges, providing for species and habitat protection, as well as gainful employment for local communities who are often limited by a lack of opportunities. Many of our guests become actively involved in giving back through wildlife initiatives or community programmes. Our guests have positive impacts on the places and people they visit. Simply by being here, they provide funding that supports and enables conservation.

Secondly, we have vetted organisations and selected to actively support the following Rhino-based programmes that align with our philosophy:

Stop Rhino Poaching

For every Timeless Africa Safaris guest who travels with us, we donate to StopRhinoPoaching in order to prevent the extinction of one of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species. Please follow this link should you wish to know more about this initiative:

The Rhinos Are Coming!

Every year, we take part in a national art project to raise awareness and funds for rhino protection. Our most recent life-size rhino was painted by children from the Lalela Project (uplifting kids through art). It was on display in the V&A Waterfont alongside rhinos by artists from all over South Africa and contributions by other generous donors.

Relate bracelets

Every guest who travels with us receives a goody bag and one of the enclosed gifts is a handmade beaded bracelet (that provides employment) with all the proceeds going towards rhino conservation.


The Rhino Bill of Rights is a manifesto to save and protect endangered rhinos in Africa; a proclamation to affect real change, before it’s too late. Timeless Africa Safaris will donate R21 for every signature, up to a set amount, to high-impact rhino conservation projects and non-profit organisations dedicated to their survival. Share it with everyone you know, spread the importance of this message far and wide, and let’s take action against the loss of this precious species.

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