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On a bitterly cold day in Cape Town, we discovered some of the local gems in the food industry with Pam from Cape Fusion Tours

Local gems in Cape Town

On a bitterly cold day in Cape Town, we discovered some of the local gems in the food industry with Pam from Cape Fusion Tours. The warmth of Pam’s personality, certainly made up for the weather conditions. Blending the city’s history with local cuisine, Pam and her team allow their guests to eat their way through the city. Uniquely curating tours to guest’s dietary requirements and specific needs while walking through the city and sampling many delectable snacks.

Tamboers Winkel

We started at Tamboers Winkel, a quaint but cool all day café known for its fantastic coffee and pastries. One bite of their chocolate croissant will certainly leave you wanting more.

Our Local

Moving onto Our Local, one of the freshest hot spots around, we sampled a cheese and bacon toastie, if the eclectic décor and greenhouse setting doesn’t do it for you, then one of their toasties certainly will.

Company Gardens

Stopping for a quick hello to check out Club Kloof’s Italianish vibe and ëlgir Restaurants cultural story, we made our way to Coffee at the Vine located within the Company Gardens.

Here we did a rooibos tea tasting, combined with a traditional delicious milk tart and discovering many historical facts about the city.

Intravinous Wine Lounge & Bar

If we weren’t full enough by then, we heavily made our way to lunch at Intravinous Wine Lounge & Bar located in Loop Street. Lunch comprised of bobotie, a firm south African favourite, combined with the history behind the dish. This could very well have been the best bobotie I have ever tested in my life (don’t tell my mom).

Bo Kaap

Making our way to the colourful Bo Kaap region. We smelled and bought some spices from Atlas Spice Store, which has been established since 1946 which stocks spices, rice, and rare products from across the world. We made our way up the hill to Faeeza’s Tea Garden, where you get to indulge in the very best of Cape Malay cuisine. The samoosas and koesisters certainly finished us off.

Electric House of Machines

But wait, theres more…
One last stop brought us to the electric House of Machines in Shortmarket Street.
Known for their superb coffee during the day and live music offering with branded cocktails at night. Whats not to love about this very cool motorbike shop? If the logo doesn’t appeal to you, the vibe certainly will.

A team of specialists

Pam from Cape Fusion Tours and her team are specialists in all things food and beverage related in Cape Town. The knowledge and hospitality of the team comes highly recommended to all guests looking for that special foodie touring experience in the city.

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