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Louise has been in the travel industry for 10 years and loves exploring new places and spending time in nature. She was raised on a small farm close to the bustling South African city of Pretoria and grew up appreciating both pastureland peace and the buzz of city life. She and her family used to go often to the Kruger National Park and it was on these holidays that her love of travel was born. Louise has always worked in tourism, with one of her highlights being based right in the heart of the Tsitsikamma National Park. Having arranged customised trips for hundreds of YPOers and VIPs, she is dedicated to seamless travel and unique experiences. Over the years, she has accumulated vast experience, with specialist insight into Southern and East African itineraries. Today, Louise lives in Cape Town with her husband. In her work, her focus is on sharing her passion for Southern and East Africa and providing a personal, exceptional travel experience.

Q & A with Louise

What do you love most about your job?

I love planning a first time holiday for someone who has never visited Africa before. To share in their excitement and be part of such a special lifetime experience is magical.

What is your favourite African travel destination?

The African bush just never disappoints. Every time I go on safari, I realise again what a transformative experience it is to smell, hear and see the bush… although Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park is competing for favourite!

What is your most memorable wildlife sighting?

On a trip to Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park we saw a big pride of Lions with about eight young cubs. The cubs were completely oblivious to our presence and were chasing each other back and forth, slapping each other with their big soft paws; rolling around and playing hide-and-seek in the tall grass. We sat for ages and just enjoyed this incredible encounter, watching them having fun in the most natural setting.

Have you ever been thrilled or nervous on safari?

We were recently on safari in the malaria-free Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. During one of the game drives we came across three male Lions. The ranger told us they were hunting and stopped the vehicle so we could have a good look. They literally passed the vehicle within 2 metres… we could hear their footsteps!

Which conservation drive are you most passionate about?

Teaching local communities and their children the importance of conservation. Conservation education has such a wide reach and the effect is lasting. If people do not know and understand why nature and wildlife need protection and how it affects them in the long term, how can they ever be proud to be part of any community conservation project? It is on the ground level where we need to fix everyday issues and create a sense of purpose and pride for local communities.

What is the one luxury you can’t do without when traveling?

I always travel with wet wipes in my bag – the air can sometimes be dry and dusty on safari and there isn’t a bathroom around every corner to wash your hands and freshen up.