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1. Lions

Lions have a white line right underneath their eyes which assists them with night vision. There is a reflective coating behind the eye which helps to amplify the light emitted by stars and the moon. With this help, a lion’s eyesight is 8 times better than that of humans at night.


Did you know, one ostrich egg – is the same size as 24 chicken eggs.

3. Rhino

Rhino’s horns are made from keratin, which is the same material human nails are made of.

Rhinos are primarily hunted for their horns despite the fact that their horns do not have any proven medicinal properties.

4. Spotted Hyena

The spotted hyena’s body can grow to almost 2m long – plus a dark, bushy tail measuring 25-30cm long. Females are heavier than males and can weigh up to 82kg.

5. Lions

Like most cats, lions hate swimming. And keeping in sync with feminism, female lions do almost all the hunting, and will make up to 20 kills in their lifetime.

6. African Wild Dog

Did you know, the African Wild Dog – have massively large roaming areas and are known to roam around 50km in a day.

7. Pangolin

Did you know, Pangolin or scaly anteater – is the only animal in the world that is completely covered in scales.

8. Hippopotamus

Despite its questionable size and weight, the hippopotamus can run really fast reaching speeds of about 32 kilometres (or 20 miles) per hour.

9. Leopard

Their eyes start opening about 10 days after birth. Cubs typically stay with their mothers for up to about 2 years.

10. Crocodiles

Firstly, a crocodile digests everything from turtles, fish and birds to giraffes, buffalo, lions and even other crocodiles. In addition to their diverse appetite, they swallow large stones that stay permanently in their bellies. It has been suggested these are used as weight stabilisers in diving.

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