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Get to know the collective nouns for these popular African Animals...

  • A murder of Crows
  • A parliament of owls
  • A mustering of Storks
  • A bevy of Quail
  • A stand of Flamingo
  • A company of Parrots
  • A charm of Finches
  • A cast of Falcons

  • An army of ants
  • A flutter of Butterflies

  • A congress of Bush Babies
  • A congress of Baboons
  • A band of Gorillas
  • A bed of Snakes
  • A float of Crocodiles
  • A quiver of Cobras
  • A creep of Tortoises
  • A bale of Turtles

Small mammals
  • A husk of Jackrabbits
  • A down of Hares
  • A cloud of Bats
  • An array of Hedgehogs

The Big 5
  • A crash of Rhinos
  • A herd of Elephants
  • A leap of Leopards
  • A pride of Lions
  • An obstinacy of Buffaloes

The Ugly 5
  • A sounder of Warthogs
  • A wake of Vultures
  • A cackle of Hyenas
  • A funeral of Marabou (Storks)
  • An implausibility of Wildebeest
The Elusive 5
  • A coalition of Cheetahs
  • A pack of Wild Dogs
  • A herd of Antelope
  • A clan of Aardwolf
  • A predicament of Pangolin

The Marine 5
  • A waddle of Penguins
  • A pod of Whales
  • A frenzy of Sharks
  • A school of Dolphins
  • A bob of Seals

The Classic 5
  • A dazzle of Zebras
  • A journey of Giraffes
  • An implausibility Wildebeest
  • A troop of Monkeys
  • A thunder of Hippos

The Shy 5
  • A prickle of Porcupine
  • An armoury of Aardvark
  • A clan of Aardwolf
  • A troop of Bat-eared Fox
  • A mob of Meerkat
Timeless Tip

We suggest you have a competition to see who can guess the most correct answers. Everyone can have a lot of fun and learn in the process.

In this article
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Primates
  • Reptiles
  • Small mammals
  • The Big 5
  • The Ugly 5
  • The Elusive 5
  • The Marine 5
  • The Classic 5
  • The Shy 5
  • Timeless Tip

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