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Discover truly novel experiences and extraordinary, even unfamiliar destinations to add to your travel hot list for 2024 and beyond.

The new year tends to trigger fresh vision and exciting plans. Personally, I am in the midst of dreaming up and booking my own family travel experiences for 2024.

Africa is diverse and exciting and the opportunities to bond and immerse are extensive. Our team of well-travelled Travel Managers, who are nothing short of fervent about our continent, have put together the highlights of what is igniting our passion for African travel in 2024. You are sure to discover truly novel experiences and extraordinary, even unfamiliar destinations to add to your travel hot list for 2024 and beyond.

We have also shared some of the patterns we have noticed in our guests’ travel preferences over the past year that make for thought-provoking and interesting reading.

Scroll down for your passport to unforgettable African adventures.

Luxury Lodge Living

We are hopping up and down to get you to One Nature’s Mara River Camp, where luxury meets the Wildebeest Migration spectacle. Explore the unparalleled abundance of wildlife in an exhilarating tented safari adventure and indulge yourself in the untamed beauty of the Serengeti. Get ready for a personalised, unforgettable journey that breaks the mould in 2024.

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Hidden Nation, Hidden Gem

The Republic of Congo is often overlooked by travellers. Yet, it lights up our radar because it invites you to go off the beaten track, fostering sustainable tourism in less-explored areas. Embrace deeply authentic experiences away from the crowds. Your support can make these lesser-requested but no less beautiful places shine. Read more about the Congo »

Walk of Ancient Wisdom

Embark on a 7-day journey across Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans from 7-13 June 2024, soaking up ancient wisdom with the San people. Learn traditional practices, medicinal plant knowledge, and spiritual beliefs deeply rooted in their connection to the land, while supporting the San’s sustainable living initiatives and local wildlife conservation.

Read more about the Wisdom Walk »

Conquer Kilimanjaro

2024 is your year to climb Kilimanjaro. Attracting trekkers and mountaineers from around the globe, “Kili” boasts dense tropical rainforests, glacial ice fields, moorlands and mystical moonscapes. Take on the colossal challenge and explore the lush forested foothills, soak up the breathtaking views, or take a wildlife safari and spot elephant, buffalo, leopard, duiker, eland, hyrax, blue monkeys and more. View an itinerary »

Emerging Travel Patterns & Safari Circuit Insights

Dynamic-Family Travel on the Rise

2023 saw many families traveling in Africa, with lots of them going on trips together with other clans – some related, others family friends. When planned well these multi-generational, multi-family journeys can be some of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Bonding, laughter and strengthening connections through unique shared experiences brings clans – and individuals – even closer. Crafting these types of trips takes advanced planning, time, attention, and – most importantly – love and passion. As experienced African explorers ourselves, it’s something we take pride in curating and love putting together for our family travellers.

Lion Sands, Chalkey Tree House

(Re)Capturing Romance in Africa

Whether you’re honeymooning or escaping the daily humdrum of life to nurture your romantic relationship, there are skies full of magic and plenty to delight in Africa. Couples on the hunt for romance require itineraries that are filled with starry-eyed moments: private, relaxing, perfectly organised and with a touch of adventure.

Accommodation options might include private houses, honeymoon suites, boutique hotels and small luxury camps. Your expert travel manager will be able to suggest the perfect spot and activities best suited to you.

It all adds up to the perfect recipe for romance, so here is our short list of the top places to inspire love in Africa.

Tickets for Two

Whatever the relationship, one-on-one time is precious and often rare. Whether it’s a parent with their child, a grandparent with a grandchild, two adult siblings, or two best friends, the unique dynamics of one-on-one travel allow for deep bonding and shared adventures.

Picture being able to take the time to appreciate the awe and wonder in your child’s eyes as they witness a majestic safari scene. Or the intergenerational exchange of wisdom and laughter between a grandparent and grandchild. Adult siblings can rediscover shared roots and understanding, while best friends create lasting memories against the backdrop of Africa’s diverse landscapes.

These intimate encounters go beyond the ordinary, weaving threads of connection that make each trip a treasure trove of shared experiences and strengthened relationships. One-on-one travel is ideal for special relationships that need an adventurous injection of plenty of quality time.

The Good Traveller

Our travel choices shape the African environment, quite literally. Travellers are beginning to consider the impact of their trips as more and more information emerges around carbon footprints, over-tourism and socially responsible travel. One way to ensure a more responsible visit to Africa is to request a stay at an eco-lodge.

Ecological lodges elegantly give precedence to sustainability and conservation, going beyond traditional green efforts with both depth and style. They actively manage entire ecosystems, focusing on environmental conservation, renewable energy, water efficiency, and sustainable design. Engaging with local communities, implementing educational initiatives, and obtaining certifications are integral, while waste reduction, preservation of local culture, and biodiversity conservation further contribute to their commitment to responsible practices.

These properties strive to enhance not only the environment but also the economy and local communities and can make for a meaningful and helpful visit to the African continent.

Go where no one else is

Over-tourism is not just about overcrowding and its subsequent issues; it’s also about the attitude tourists bring with them. The driving force behind over-tourism often stems from the desire to capture that iconic photo, to tick off bucket list experiences, and to boast about visiting the best-of-the-best spots.

While this attitude needs changing, we cannot ignore its cause: marketing. We can shift the narrative from ticking boxes to unticking them; embracing the joy of doing what no one else is doing and becoming a travel pioneer. Africa’s new tourism narrative can be about having a more exclusive, isolated, and impactful experience that you can treasure in your memory and share with your inner circle.

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