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Private Charters in Africa

Here are some general insights to keep in mind:

Information Required:
Number of passengers
Departure and arrival locations
Departure date and time, return date and time (if applicable)
Any specific amenities or requirements

Aircraft Types:
1. Cessna: Typically used for short to medium flights, suitable for smaller groups.
2. PC-12: A versatile aircraft ideal for regional travel, combining efficiency with spacious cabins.
3. Jet: Ideal for longer distances, offering luxurious amenities and faster travel times.

1. Weight and baggage restrictions may vary depending on the aircraft and distance.
2. Some aircraft may have limited range, affecting their suitability for certain routes.

Domestic vs Cross-Border:
1. Domestic flights generally involve less stringent customs and immigration procedures.
2. Cross-border flights require additional considerations such as passports, visas, and customs regulations.

Top Tip

It’s important to work with a reputable charter service to ensure that all relevant details are taken into consideration and that the best aircraft and arrangements are provided for your specific needs.

Elevating Your Journey: Private Charter Aircraft Options for your Safari



Wilderness Air

Embarking on a private charter journey in Africa demands a unique set of considerations, given the diverse landscapes and challenging terrains. Here we delve into the distinctive features and advantages of some of the exceptional private charter aircraft to help you make an informed decision for your needs across the vast and varied continent of Africa.

Top Tip:

Speak to your Luxury Travel Manager so that they may advise on the possibilities of your preferred choices in terms of budget, flights across borders and accessing short runways.

Cessna Caravan C204, C206, C208: Adaptable Trio

Cessna Caravan series, comprising the C204, C206, and C208, offers a range of options tailored for diverse needs in African travel. The Cessna Caravan C204, with its versatility and capacity, suits smaller groups and shorter distances. The Cessna Caravan C206 provides a middle ground, accommodating more passengers and offering a balance of performance and range. The Cessna Caravan C208, with its larger capacity and robust capabilities, is suitable for longer-haul journeys and larger groups, making it an excellent choice for varied African landscapes.

Passengers:          Max 12 (C208 model)
Pilot:                      1
Range:                   1 689 km
Runway length:   762 m
Turbine powered
Short, rough runways and remote destinations, inter-lodge and lodge transfers.

Cessna Grand Caravan: The African Explorer

The Cessna Grand Caravan, known for its versatility and reliability, remains a stalwart choice for passenger travel in Africa. Its robust design allows it to operate from short and unpaved runways, enabling access to remote destinations. With a spacious cabin accommodating up to 12 passengers, the Grand Caravan is ideal for group travel, safari adventures, and reaching destinations with limited infrastructure.

The Cessna Grand Caravan stands out as a reliable and versatile choice for passenger travel in Africa. Its robust design allows it to operate from short and unpaved runways, making it well-suited for reaching remote destinations that might be off-limits to larger aircraft. With its spacious cabin accommodating up to 9 and 14 passengers (depending on the specific model), the Grand Caravan is an excellent option for group and family travel, safari adventures, or reaching destinations with limited infrastructure and runways.

Passengers:          Max 12 (14 on the EX model)
Crew:                     1-2 Pilots
Range:                  1690 km
Runway length:   762 m
Typical Use:         Short flights to and from lodges and landing on rough airstrips
Single Prop

King Air: Time-Tested Twin-Turboprop Comfort

The Beechcraft King Air (200) series offers a timeless blend of comfort and performance, making it an excellent choice for passenger travel in Africa. With its twin-turboprop engines, the King Air excels in efficiency and range. The pressurized cabin ensures a smooth and comfortable journey even at high altitudes, making it an ideal option for long-haul flights across the continent. The King Air’s versatility makes it suitable for both business and leisure travelers seeking a luxurious yet practical travel experience.

Passengers:          Max 8
Crew:                     2 Pilots
Range:                   2778 km
Runway length:   786 m
Typical Use:         Southern African Regional Routes, Safaris Lodge Fly-in, Golfing groups
Twin-Turbo Prop Pressurized

Beechcraft King Air by

Pilatus PC-12: Versatility Tailored for Africa

The Pilatus PC-12’s single-engine turboprop design strikes a balance between versatility and style, making it well-suited for passenger travel in Africa. Its ability to access smaller airfields, coupled with a spacious and adaptable cabin, caters to travelers who require flexibility in their itineraries. The PC-12 is an excellent choice for reaching destinations with limited infrastructure, offering a stylish and comfortable environment for passengers exploring the unique landscapes of Africa.

Passengers:          Max 8
Crew:                     1 or 2 Pilots
Range:                   2400 km
Runway length:   758 m
Typical Use:         Safaris and regional flights
Executive Single Turbine Pressurized

The Pilatus PC12 aircraft by Federal Airlines

The Pilatus PC12 aircraft by Federal Airlines

Learjet 45: Business Jet Luxury with African Flair

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and speed in passenger travel across Africa, the Learjet 45 stands as a premier business jet option. With its sleek design and impressive performance capabilities, the Learjet 45 is tailored for discerning travelers. The spacious, lavishly appointed cabin creates an environment ideal for both work and relaxation, making it a statement of sophistication in the realm of private aviation.

Passengers:          Max 8
Crew:                     2 Pilots
Range:                   4577 km
Runway length:   810 m
Typical Use:         Luxury safaris, Corporate, VIP, Regional Flights within Southern Africa
Air-conditioned and private lavatory
Mid-sized Jet

Private Jet

Private Jet

Embraer 145 Regional Jet

Max:           50 passengers
Crew:      2 Pilots
Air-conditioned and private lavatory
Range:    2860 km
Runway length:   914 m

Ideal for groups and regional flights

Wilderness Air

Wilderness Air

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