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If you're visiting Cape Town, there's one experience that simply can't be missed: Cape Fusion's Cape Town Eats Walking Tour.

Nicole's taste-tastic city eats Tour

If you’re visiting Cape Town, there’s one experience that simply can’t be missed: Cape Fusion Tours’ Cape Town Eats Walking Tour. I had the pleasure of embarking on this extraordinary, captivating, and incredibly fun adventure. Our guide, Pam, proved to be a true fountain of knowledge. She effortlessly led us to the hidden foodie gems, shared the latest happenings, and took us to the most vibrant spots in Cape Town.

Cape Fusion’s Cape Town Eats Walking Tour is a delightful blend of history and culinary exploration. As we leisurely strolled through the city, we found ourselves immersed in its rich past, all while indulging in the diverse flavours and vibes of various eateries along the way.

This tour is a treat for all ages and caters to those seeking a city tour with a unique twist. By venturing out of the confines of a vehicle, we had the incredible opportunity to truly embrace Cape Town’s vibrant life and forge connections with its warm and welcoming locals.

1st Stop: Tamboers Winkel

Our adventure began in the morning at Tamboers Winkel, a charming little cafe bustling with people eager to kick-start their day with a delectable pastry and a creamy cappuccino. Despite its snug size, the cozy ambiance only enhanced the experience.

And off we went on our culinary expedition on foot:

Tamboers Winkel stop with Zita

Tamboers Winkel

A Table setting at Club Kloof on Kloof Street, Cape Town

Club Kloof

Club Kloof is a new trendy “italian-ish” restaurant with a lively atmosphere. Serving a fusion of Italian-inspired cuisine from lunch to dinner, it accommodates up to 30 guests.

ditto Ice Cream & Waffle House

At ditto Ice Cream & Waffle House, you can look forward to indulging in vegan ice cream and desserts that are simply irresistible.

Breakfast time at Our Local Restaurant

Our Local is a delightful spot for breakfast and lunch, with occasional dinner service on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Don’t miss their exceptional fillet steak. Aimed at the local market, this restaurant offers affordable prices and a vibrant atmosphere adorned with lush greenery. It was once an old mechanic’s workshop, which adds a cool touch to its ambiance. Personally, I couldn’t resist ordering their signature drink, the Bloody Merry, which turned out to be the best I’ve ever had. And the best part? You don’t need a hangover to enjoy it!

A breakfast setting at Our Local Restaurant in Cape Town

Mid Morning City Eats Walking Tour

Our City Eats tour continued down Kloof Street where we stopped off at Oswald’s Bakery, and had the pleasure of tasting freshly baked bread, and right next door, we savoured the flavours of biltong at the biltong shop.

If you love sourdough bread and sourdough pastries, then I suggest a visit to Oswald’s Bakery which is just just off Kloof Street.

Oswalds Bakery

Oswalds Bakery

  • Elgr Restaurant – a cosy establishment with a charming wine cellar and a wide range of options, including cured meats and fantastic pizzas. It caters to various tastes and is an excellent choice for families.
  • Blondie Bar – a local favourite known for its laid-back atmosphere and quirky decor, featuring washing machines turned into light fixtures.
  • Egghead Diner – a cosy spot perfect for breakfast, although it may not be ideal for larger groups due to limited space.
  • The Sneaker Shack – a unique place specializing in sneaker repairs. They even have a donation box for unwanted sneakers, giving them a new purpose.
  • Coffee @ The Vine – located in the scenic Company Gardens, we indulged in a delightful experience of Rooibos tea and herb tasting. The informative session included buchu gin tasting and Rooibos whisky tasting. We also enjoyed Koe en tee, a delicious milk tart and cheesecake infused with herbs.

Coffee @ The Vine

Egghead Diner on Kloof Street in Cape Town

A meal at Egghead Diner

Lunch at Intravinous Wine Lounge & Bar

Our lunch destination is Loop Street at Intravinous Wine Lounge & Bar, where we relished a traditional Cape Malay meal featuring dishes like Bobotie, a true culinary delight.

A few other stops along the way to the Bo Kaap District
  • Truth Cafe – a must-visit for chocolate lovers. We couldn’t resist stopping by to savour their delectable treats. We also discovered Bodega Restaurant upstairs and a Gin & Bubbly Bar, offering an impressive array of gin options. The highlight was the intriguing tasting of fresh cocoa bean tea.
  • OpenWine Bar – known for its vibrant and youthful atmosphere, this bar caters to the 20-30s crowd, providing a cool and lively experience.

Bo-Kaap district

Bo-Kaap district

Our journey then took us to the renowned Bo-Kaap district, where we encountered the following culinary delights:

  • Ala Turkish Doner –  A bustling spot filled with people seeking take-out food, renowned for its mouthwatering Shwarmas.
  • Atlas Trading Company – We visited the spice emporium, known as the Atlas Trading Company, where we were immersed in a world of aromatic delights.
  • Faeeza’s Tea Garden – A lovely Cape Malay home where we tasted delicious chicken rotis and koesisters.
  • Bo Kaap Deli – Another charming restaurant representing the rich culinary traditions of the Cape Malay community.

And the journey was still not completed...

And the journey was still not completed, as we passed by notable spots such as Scala Pasta Bar/Restaurant with its open kitchen where fresh pasta is handmade, and Nish Nush in Bree Street, renowned for its mouthwatering Middle Eastern street food, particularly falafels. Bree Streets also features a cluster of popular restaurants, including Grub & Vine, the Blue Room, Culture Wine Bar, and Burger & Lobster.

Our final stop was at The House of Machines, where we enjoyed delightful drinks like Negroni, stored in their in-house barrels. The vibrant atmosphere, live bands, and captivating photos on the walls created an unforgettable experience.

Grub & Vine, the Blue Room, Culture Wine Bar, and Burger & Lobster

Nish Nush

Pam's Insider Tips:

The day did not end without Pam sharing some more insights and tips – below are some more restaurant recommendations. Your taste buds and senses will thank you!

  • Salon Restaurant – Cape Town’s newest Cocktail Bar which is led by Chef Luke Dale Roberts, this establishment is located at the bottom of Pot Luck Club. Test Kitchen has undergone a transformation and is now Fledgelings Test Kitchen, offering a different menu compared to its previous fine dining experience.
  • Asoka Restaurant, Bar & Lounge –  a noteworthy spot for both dining and socializing.
  • Black Sheep Restaurant – an exceptional culinary destination worth adding to your list!
  • Dark Horse Bar –  A fantastic pub offering a unique and enjoyable experience.

It is a no-brainer, join the Cape Fusion Cape Town Eats Walking Tour, and embark on a journey filled with mouthwatering flavours, fascinating history, and delightful surprises. Top of Form

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