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Private air charter in Africa can offer several benefits, particularly in a region known for vast landscapes, diverse terrains, and sometimes limited infrastructure

Your journey may include sectors where Scheduled Light Aircraft Shared Flights are included. These scenic flights are the best and shortest way to reach the remote areas where lodges and camps are located and are a safari adventure in itself. The flights are operated in small planes with seating ranging from 6 to 9 people per plane. These are typically single-engine turbo-prop planes.

Scheduled Flights

Scheduled Flights, which are shared with other holiday-makers, are scheduled at set times and will stop at a number of airstrips to let off guests or take more guests onboard. This means that several stops (called hops) may be made before you finally get to your lodge. The exact number of hops depends on how busy the airline is but can be up to 4.

Private Charters

If you wish to reach a remote area in the shortest space of time spent in transit, you have the option of a Private Charter, which will mean your plane will fly directly to your destination (barring a fuel stop if your route is long) and will also be able to depart at times based on your schedule. You will travel in greater comfort, have a larger luggage allowance and avoid any hops.

Private air charter in Africa can offer several benefits, particularly in a region known for vast landscapes, diverse terrains, and sometimes limited infrastructure. The decision to opt for a private charter depends on factors such as budget, travel requirements, and the specific needs of the passengers.

Benefits of a Private Charter in Africa


  • Flexibility and Convenience:
    Private charters offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of scheduling. Guests can choose departure and arrival times that suit their needs, eliminating the constraints of fixed commercial airline schedules.
  • Time-Saving:
    Private air charter can significantly reduce travel time by allowing direct flights to destinations without the need for layovers or multiple connecting flights. This is especially advantageous in a continent as vast as Africa, where travel distances can be substantial.
  • Reduced Check-In and Boarding Times:
    Private charter flights often have quicker check-in and boarding processes compared to commercial airlines, saving valuable time.
  • Customized Services:
    Private air charters provide personalized services to meet specific requirements. This includes catering, ground transportation, and other amenities tailored to your preferences.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy:
    Private charters offer a higher level of security and privacy compared to commercial flights. There is greater control over who is on board, reducing the risk of unwanted attention or security issues.
  • Avoiding Commercial Airport Hassles:
    Private charters can utilize smaller airports or private airstrips, avoiding the congestion and security hassles associated with larger commercial airports.
  • Accessibility to Remote Areas:
    Africa has many remote and less accessible regions where traditional commercial flights may not reach. Private air charter allows individuals or businesses to access these areas more conveniently, saving time and providing flexibility.
  • Group Travel Benefits:
    Private charters are particularly cost-effective for group travel, such as family groups, corporate retreats, or special events. The cost per passenger can be competitive when compared to purchasing multiple business or first-class tickets.
  • Luggage Flexibility:
    Private air charter generally allows for more flexibility with luggage, both in terms of quantity and size, compared to commercial airlines.

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