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One of the most unspoiled and unique places in Africa is Madagascar, described as Africa’s Galapagos and the 8th Continent of the World.

One of the most unspoiled and utterly unique places in Africa is the island of Madagascar, described as Africa’s Galapagos and The 8th Continent of the World. Due to its pre-historic separation from the continent of Africa, some creatures and plants have evolved independently and are found only here. These include rare and indigenous lemurs, fossa (a cat-like predator), orchids, 300 bird species, two-thirds of the world’s chameleons, and resplendent butterflies.

This is an irresistible destination to consider for your next holiday: a completely unique wildlife experience on our doorstep ‘unexplored’ and totally ‘off-the-beaten-track’ easy for South Africans to access and to get visas amazing climate from April to mid-December – a great winter or summer break breathtaking beaches and luxurious seaside resorts quick to get to from South Africa (3 hours flight from Johannesburg) the third largest reef in the world with amazing snorkeling & scuba diving travel by helicopter between one-of-a-kind sights and adventures.

“Madagascar is intimate. Madagascar is intense. Madagascar is impossible to resist.”

About Madagascar:

Madagascar is unspoiled and spectacular. Abundant in nature and wildlife and set just off the coast of Africa – east of Mozambique, west of Mauritius – this remote island is alluring to adventurers and nature lovers alike. It is balmy year-round with a few rainy months from mid-December to end March.

The island broke away from the continent approximately 180 million years ago, leading to the evolution of species found nowhere else. The Lemurs and the incredible wildlife are the number one reason for visiting Madagascar. Beyond the creatures, the natural environment is astoundingly beautiful. Madagascar is home to 11,000 endemic plant species, 80% of which can only be found on the island.

Conservation is essential in protecting the rare and exquisite wildlife and wildernesses from population growth, deforestation, overfishing and poaching. We select accommodation and activity partners who are equally dedicated to helping preserve the surrounding nature and wildlife, as well as empowering local communities.

Despite the azure waters, the lush mangroves, the verdant greenery and romantic sunsets; Madagascar is not a touristy destination. It is one of the most offbeat and interesting places on the planet.

Time + Tide, Miavana

Why Madagascar?
  • Seeing Lemurs in their natural habitat: 33 species of lemur, endangered and endemic, found nowhere else.
  • Rock formations: Created by rain erosion, discover towering natural sculptures in whites and pinks.
  • Incredible biodiversity: Unique plants and wildlife that evolved totally separately, like nothing you have ever seen before.

Unique Wildlife of Madagascar

“Quirky and cute beyond compare, Lemurs get up to all kinds of crazy antics that will have you laughing until your cheeks ache…”

Few countries on earth offer as much biodiversity as Madagascar. The lemurs are the most well-known and are unique to the island. This endemic and endangered species exists nowhere else on Earth. Lemurs are best sighted in national parks, where their habitat is carefully preserved and they can go about their natural behaviour. Sadly, they are on the verge of extinction due to deforestation and poaching. We support conservation initiatives that include reforestation, and lemur repopulation as well as teaching locals about sustainable agricultural practices.

Other unique endemic mammal species include the Fossa (a cat-like creature) and rare primates. Two-thirds of the world’s chameleons are found in Madagascar – they come in all shapes and sizes. And there are over 300 species of birds on the island.

The surrounding ocean is equally rich in life. For divers, Madagascar has the 3rd largest reef in the world, with crystal clear waters making for incredible visibility. Humpback whales are seasonal visitors. Boat trips and water-based activities are a part of the Madagascan way of life.

Follow this link to hear the Madagascan “call of the wild”.

All About Lemurs


  • Amazing nocturnal lemur experience at Kirindy.
  • Indri-indri lemurs in the park of Perinet.
  • Interaction with lemurs at Palmarium Reserve.
  • Meet the Fosa, the biggest predator in Madagascar.
  • Encounter the amazing Aye-aye, the incredible discovery of the Channel of Pangalanes.
  • End off with sunset cocktails at the Baobabs Avenue.

Discover an original destination; an eden of rare and utterly unique fauna and flora. Get up-close with lemurs in their natural habitat. These quirky creatures are endemic and endangered, and can only be seen on the island. Lemur safaris also allow you to see unique birds and fauna, chameleons and butterflies. All the while unique and unspoilt scenery provides exquisite imagery.

Getting there and Around

How to get there

There are a few direct flights from Johannesburg to Antananarivo or Nosy Be; flight time 3 hours.


Ideal trip length

We recommend starting at 5 days minimum for just an island getaway and ideally 10 to 14 days to get a good feel of the island but this can be tailored to your available time.


Approximate price

We recommend working on a minimum cost of USD $300 per person per day. This includes accommodation and a vehicle with a private guide.


What to expect from the accommodation

While the accommodations are often the epitome of “barefoot luxury”, the warm people and 5-star service are on par with the best in the world. We chose eco-and-ethically minded accommodation partners.


Getting around

Exploring the island is generally done by road. Most roads are in poor condition but we have a network of wonderful local guides with luxurious, air-conditioned 4x4s so you are never uncomfortable.

There are a handful of small airports, with limited routes and few flights per week.

Some islands are reached by boat or helicopter.

We believe the challenges of travel will make your ultimate destination all the more rewarding.

The Best of Madagascar Itineraries:
Island Luxury


  • Activities consultation to create a customized plan based on your interests, needs and the time of year
  • Guided nature and lemur walk on an untouched island, snorkeling on a private beach and gourmet beach picnic
  • Helicopter adventures to the Madagascan mainland to visit local areas of interest such as Ankarana National Park. Explore the untouched forests, limestone caves and Tsingy
  • Adventures around Nosy Ankao – scuba dive on the reef, fish along the white sand beaches, try out a wide selection of watersports and enjoy sundowners with 360° views from the colonial-era lighthouse

Sink your feet into the pearly sands of a remote island sanctuary where you’ll taste sweet jasmine on the breeze while gazing at a thousand sparkling shades of turquoise. Time + Tide Miavana offers a wide range of activities that spans land, sea and air. Of course, there are spa treatments, white sand beaches, palm trees and azure waters but also nesting sea turtles, lemurs, previously unexplored dive sites, humpback whales, kite surfing plus plant and animal life found nowhere else on the planet – the list is endless!

Ultimate Madagascar

“Madagascar is intense. Madagascar is intimate. Madagascar is impossible to resist.”


  • Discover the atmosphere of the “Deep South”
  • Enjoy an abundance of lemurs in Berenty Private Reserve
  • Meet the biggest predator of Madagascar, the Fosa
  • Visit Kirindy at night
  • Enjoy sundowners at the Baobabs Avenue
  • See rare Indri-indri lemurs in the park of Perinet
  • Sun, sea and sand at the beaches of Sainte Marie


Travel through incredible countryside, villages and national parks, giving you the opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime encounters and experiences. Meet local people, untouched by tourism, who offer you “vahiny” ~ a simple and sincere welcome. See varied and amazing landscapes where light and colours delight.

Greatest Madagascan Road Trip

“The more challenging the journey, the more worth it when you arrive to find an uncrowded, unspoiled, and spectacular place.”


  • Relax in front of the turquoise lagoon of Ifaty
  • Hike in the beautiful Isalo National Park
  • Meet the lemur catta in the Anja reserve
  • Discover lemurs of the rainforest in Ranomafana
  • See the amazing diversity of the Highlands
  • Adventure in the amazing Tsingy of Bemaraha
  • Sip sunset cocktails at Baobabs Avenue
Relais Du Kirindy

Relais Du Kirindy

Begin at the most beautiful lagoon. Marvel at Vezosea nomadic fishermen. Travel across large plains of palm trees and baobabs to join the ruinform massif of Isalo. Cross the highlands and its unique blend of rice and water. Traverse the west coast between the coastal city of Morondava and Tsingy of Bmaraha. Here, baobabs are king, punctuating the landscape with their massive and impressive presence.

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