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We are often asked what a typical day on safari will be like. Your day is filled with many pinch-me-moments and below we give you just a glimpse of what awaits you on ‘another tough day in Africa’.

A day on Safari

We are often asked what a typical day on safari will be like. Your day is filled with many pinch-me-moments and below we give you just a glimpse of what awaits you on ‘another tough day in Africa’.

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05:30 / 06:00 Dawn chorus

You might choose to have a wake-up call with a knock on your door by your personal butler or let the dawn chorus of birdsong wake you up naturally.

This is followed by early morning coffee and a light snack just to make sure you are awake before you set off on your morning drive. Be sure to dress in layers, as it will be cold at first, but it quickly warms up. Your field guide and tracker will be at the ready to give you a safety briefing and they will have the overnight intel on what’s been spotted where, and then you’re off!

If you are in East Africa, this is the perfect time for a Hot Air Balloon Safari. As the sun rises, watch as the balloon is inflated and slowly lifts you up, up and away. Soar above the wildlife filled plains of the Serengeti or Maasai Mara and later touch down to a Champagne breakfast. Now is that not the way to start a day?

Image by Mombo

Image by Kapama

06:00 / 06:30 Morning game drive safari

There is something truly magical about being on an open safari vehicle, trying to identify bird and other animal sounds as they serenade the start of another day, watching the sun slowly rise over the savannah, and breathing in the bush aromas. As the heat of the day sets in, you will find many animals congregating at water holes and perhaps find predators finishing of their kill from the night before and then settling in for a good long snooze during the heat of the day. After around three hours on safari, your body will start telling you it’s time for breakfast! You may head back to your lodge for a superb spread, or if you are lucky…

Image by andBeyond, Sandibe

09:00 Bush Breakfast

You will have a refreshment stop during your morning drive, but sometimes a lodge might surprise you with a full breakfast out in the bush. A wonderful feast set up in the middle of nowhere, under a shady tree, and your meal is cooked on the campfire.

Image by Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

After breakfast

If you don’t head back to bed, we highly recommend a safari walk with your field guide. Taking a short walk through the veld to get closer to the smaller animals, insects and learn about the plants and trees that make up the incredible ecosystem. This is a must-do when on safari.

Return to the lodge to enjoy a spa treatment, take a swim, work out in the gym or simply relax on your deck and bird-watch and spot the odd antelope that come close to the lodge.


You will certainly not go hungry when on safari – it seems it is always snacking time. Your lodge may do a brunch, but most lodges offer a light and healthy lunch, served on the lodge deck or by the pool side.

And then you can relax at the pool again or catch up on a well-deserved nap.

16:00 / 16:30 Afternoon tea

Yes, time to snack again! Lodges offer a wonderful high tea with cakes and biscuits with refreshing home-made juice or teas & coffees to select from. Bring your jackets and binoculars, as you will be setting off on your game drive. Oh, and don’t forget the bathroom stop before you hop onto the safari jeep.

Afternoon drive or boat safari

The animals start waking from their slumber and head to watering holes or start moving about in search of their dinner. You might hear the call of pride of lions, followed by the cackle of hyenas… you never know what awaits, so be sure to go on every drive.

In Botswana you may have the choice to enjoy an afternoon sunset boat cruise on either the Chobe River or one of the Okavango Delta’s spillways.

In East Africa you may be taken on a full day safari, especially in peak Great Migration season, where you will enjoy a lovely, packed picnic lunch. There are very few things as special as sitting next to your safari vehicle at a table laden with a fresh and delectable picnic, overlooking the savannah or a river, watching the wildlife stroll on by. And if you’re really lucky, perhaps a river crossing!

Image by Chobe Game Lodge


At sunset, your field guide will find the perfect spot and then it’s Gin-O’Clock. A welcome respite from the drive, enjoy your favourite tipple and of course you have to try some of the local snacks, such as biltong (beef jerky).

Spotlight safari

With the dark having set in, you will continue your safari (if in a private reserve or concession) by spotlight. Your guide and tracker have incredible eyesight and will point out any nocturnal species such as chameleons, bushbabies and you may see some predators on the prowl.

19:30 / 20:00 Pre-dinner drinks and dinner

Meet up at the bar or around the fireside for a cocktail or aperitif, finding out from your fellow guests just what they spotted. And you may think you could not possibly have anything more to eat, but the fresh air and excitement is sure to have revived your appetite. Lodges serve dinners in various locations, to keep surprising their guests. You may have dinner in the lodge dining room, on a deck overlooking a waterhole or riverbed. Our favourite dining locations however are the Boma or Bush venues. Boma dinners are traditional open-air meals served around the fire. Dining in the middle of the bush, with Africa’s wildlife nearby is simply the best.

Image by Madikwe Safari Lodge

Stargazing and a nightcap

You may be falling asleep in your dessert and want to head straight to bed after dinner. Some lodges will offer a night-cap and stargazing lecture by a guide. Or you may simply want to sit a while around the fire and listen to the night chorus before heading off to the land of nod.

Good night, sleep tight

And then you will be escorted to your suite by your butler. Honeymooners can expect a bubble-bath awaiting or a romantic turn-down. We recommend not drawing the curtains, as you wake up to the most beautiful painting by Mother Nature the next morning…

And then you get to wake up and do it all over again… at least for a few days! Sound good?…then get in touch to book your Perfect Days in Africa.

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