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Let’s look at why we recommend you take out Travel Insurance, particularly policies that include 'Cancel for Any Reason' coverage.

Is travel insurance necessary?

Traveling to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers a treasure trove of memories.

You might be hesitant to add another expense to your travel budget after paying for airfare, hotels, meals and activities. Still, if you can’t afford to lose the non-refundable money you’ve paid, travel insurance is a smart investment.

It is essential to recognize the potential risks and uncertainties that come with any journey. Investing in a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ coverage is a smart decision that provides financial protection, peace of mind, and a safety net in the face of unforeseen events.

Before setting foot on the African soil, ensure that you are adequately covered, so you can focus on embracing the wonders of this remarkable continent without unnecessary worries.

The best Travel Insurance policies offer a range of coverage types related to trip cancellation, medical issues, baggage loss and more.

Let’s look at why we recommend you take out Travel Insurance, particularly policies that include ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ coverage.

When is travel insurance worth it?
  • Your non-refundable trip costs are more than you can afford to lose.
  • You are traveling to remote areas.
  • Your trip includes connecting flights or multiple destinations.
  • You want to be partially reimbursed if you decide to cancel your trip or may have to return home early for any reason.
Why would you need travel insurance?

1. Unpredictable Circumstances

Africa is a vast continent, and despite careful planning, unexpected events can occur. Natural disasters, political unrest, civil disturbances, or even health emergencies can arise, potentially disrupting your travel plans. A comprehensive travel insurance policy can provide coverage for trip cancellations or interruptions due to these unforeseen circumstances, giving you financial protection and peace of mind.

2. Healthcare and Medical Emergencies

While exploring Africa’s wonders, you may find yourself in areas with limited access to quality healthcare facilities. Some trip itineraries may include emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility.  However, in case of an accident or sudden illness, you might require medical evacuation to a better-equipped medical facility or even back home. Travel insurance with medical coverage can ensure you receive the necessary medical attention without facing exorbitant expenses.

3. Protection against Trip Cancellations

Planning a trip to Africa often involves significant investments in flights, accommodations, tours, and excursions. Life is unpredictable, and situations beyond your control could force you to cancel or delay your trip. A ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ travel insurance policy enables you to recover a substantial portion of your pre-paid, non-refundable expenses, even if your reason for cancellation is not covered under the standard policy.

4. Safeguarding Your Belongings

Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage is an unfortunate possibility when traveling to any destination, including Africa. A comprehensive travel insurance policy can provide coverage for your personal belongings, ensuring you can replace essential items and continue your journey with minimal disruption.

5. Evacuation and Repatriation

Africa boasts some remote and isolated regions, and if you find yourself in an emergency situation in one of these areas, arranging for evacuation or repatriation can be extremely challenging and expensive. Travel insurance with evacuation and repatriation coverage can come to your rescue, ensuring you receive necessary transport and assistance in difficult situations.

6. Peace of Mind for Adventure Activities

Africa is a hub for thrilling adventure activities, such as safaris, mountaineering, and water sports. Participating in these activities can carry inherent risks. A comprehensive travel insurance policy can cover you for injuries sustained during these activities, ensuring that you receive proper medical care and financial support.

What should your Travel Insurance Cover?

Timeless Africa Safaris are not Insurance Brokers and below is just an indication of options available.  Please consult your Personal Broker or Insurance Company for a Personal Travel Insurance Consultation.

Trip Cancellation: A percentage of pre-paid, non-refundable deposits or final payments if you cancel for reasons listed in the policy.

Travel Delay: Reimburses a portion of expenses incurred due to travel delays, if the reason is covered by the policy.

Cancel for Any Reason: Allows you to cancel your trip and receive partial reimbursement for any reason beyond what is listed in the base policy.

Medical Insurance: Pays for medical expenses during the trip, as listed in the policy.

Emergency Medical Evacuation: Pays for you to get to the nearest adequate medical facility, values will be listed in the policy.

Trip Interruption: Reimburses a portion of non-refundable parts of your trip if the interruption is caused by a reason listed in the policy.

Interruption for any reason: Reimburses a portion of non-refundable parts of your trip for interruptions caused by any reason as listed in the policy.

Missed connection: Reimburses you for costs incurred due to missing a flight or other transportation connection due to an event listed in the policy.

Baggage Delay: Reimburses you for necessities while baggage is delayed, values are listed in the policy.

Baggage Loss: Reimburses for lost baggage and personal belongings lost in the baggage, values are listed in the policy.

What does Travel Insurance Typically not cover?

Typically, travel insurance is designed to provide protection for your trip investment against unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances. It does not cover losses resulting from reasons and circumstances within your control.

For instance, trip cancellation benefits only apply if you have to cancel your trip due to reasons specified in the policy, which are events that couldn’t have been anticipated or controlled. This means that a standard trip cancellation insurance claim won’t be valid if you simply change your mind about going on the trip. In such cases, you would require “cancel for any reason” coverage.

Insurance Cover by Credit Card Companies

Some Credit Card companies include Travel Insurance coverage. Check with your credit card provider what exactly would be covered under their policy so that you are aware of any applicable coverage for your African trip.

When should you take out Insurance?

As soon as you have paid your deposit payment. Note that certain policies require you to buy insurance within a specified period after paying your deposit invoice. Do review the particular policy you intend buying and note this clause before paying your deposit, so you are covered correctly and timeously.

Read the small print
  • Before purchasing travel insurance, it is crucial to carefully review the policy fine print and understand what it does or does not cover. For instance, travel medical insurance typically excludes costs related to participation in adventure or extreme activities.
  • Additionally, it’s essential to be aware that travel insurance policies generally do not cover financial losses caused by a hurricane or other acts of nature, unless you have purchased the insurance before the storm is officially named.
  • To ensure you have the right coverage, take the time to review the policy details thoroughly and clarify any doubts with the insurance provider before making your purchase.
  • Being well-informed about what is covered and what is not will help you make informed decisions and have a worry-free trip.
Can Timeless Africa Safaris assist?

We are specialist in Travel, not Insurance Brokers and are thus not able to give you any advice on your policy. Your personal Travel Manager may offer a few suggestions of Travel Insurance Companies, but the final choice and decision lies with you.

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