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The article provides 8 Ways to Travel Sustainably, taking care of people, the planet, and local economies.

8 Ways to Travel Sustainably

The article provides 8 Ways to Travel Sustainably, taking care of people, the planet, and local economies. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable tourism for today’s responsible travellers and suggests strategies to ensure sustainable travel. The article recommends making flights count and considering carbon offsets, pursuing ethical animal interactions, spending money locally, celebrating cultural heritage, avoiding single-use plastics, over tourism, dining farm-to-table and savouring every stop. By following these tips, travellers can enjoy the journey of a lifetime while also making a positive impact on the places they visit.

Traveling in a sustainable and responsible manner is now within reach, and not just a distant dream. By following our tips below, you can learn how to make a meaningful difference during your travels while taking care of People, the Planet, and Local Economies.


Tree planting after gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda

1. Consider Carbon Offsets

There’s no silver bullet for undoing carbon emissions but do research and you will find many carbon-offsetting projects do meaningful good. Support projects with tangible local impacts such as planting a tree when in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. 

2. Protect Wildlife

Researching any experience with wildlife is really important. Avoid wildlife sanctuaries that offer encounters with enclosed wild animals such as touching or riding the animals. Timeless Africa Safaris only support ethical animal interactions such as photographic safaris or rhino notching or darting conservation experiences.

Rhino conservation experience at Marataba Conservancy

Some of the goods on sale at Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

3. Keep Your Money Local

Spend locally by buying souvenirs from local artisans. Look for hotels that have a strong sense of place and pay homage to the host culture; for instance, does it feature artworks from local artists?

4. Celebrate Culture

Support cultural heritage by visiting farms employing traditional techniques, touring artist workshops, attending a cooking class, or even booking a spa experience rooted in local practices. frica is a leader in celebrating local culture from Masaai and Samburu to Cape Malay and Xhosa through authentic cultural experiences.

Masaai tribesman interacting with guests at Governor’s Camp, Kenya

5. Skip Single-Use Plastics

Forward-thinking destinations such as Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania have banned plasticsA growing list of hotels and lodges –are eliminating all single-use plastics from their properties, swapping items such as plastic water bottles for long-lasting and natural ones. You can help lead the way by encouraging properties to make the transition by sharing feedback whenever you can.

Surrounded by nature and wildlife in the Maasai Mara National Park

6. Escape the Crowds

Over-tourism can cause strain on the local culture, delicate ecosystems, and scarce resources. In addition, masses of tourists is sure to ruin even the most picturesque trip. If you plan to visit popular destinations (for instance the Serengeti or Masaai Mara), consider traveling during low season to avoid crowds and in doing so, contribute less to this issue.

7. Farm-To-Table Dining

One of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling is mealtimes that reflect the local cuisine. Not only is it a delightful and enriching experience, but it also promotes sustainability, whether you’re dining at a city eatery or staying at a safari lodge that uses locally-sourced ingredients. To ensure the ingredients’ origins, check the menu for information or ask your hosts. To maximize your positive impact, inquire about dishes that are in season, and you’ll be able to relish fresh food that’s even more eco-friendly.

Farm-to-table dining experience at Veld & Sea, Cape Town

8. Linger longer

By extending your stay in one location, you can fully immerse yourself in a single destination. This additional time will result in more fulfilling experiences and less time spent traveling, and provide the opportunity for the kind of rejuvenation that many of us seek during our getaways.

In this article
  • 8 Ways to Travel Sustainably
  • 1. Consider Carbon Offsets
  • 2. Protect Wildlife
  • 3. Keep Your Money Local
  • 4. Celebrate Culture
  • 5. Skip Single-Use Plastics
  • 6. Escape the Crowds
  • 7. Farm-To-Table Dining
  • 8. Linger longer

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