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What do you do at night on safari

When you are on holiday in a city, your time is usually spent at perhaps cocktails, dinner or taking in a show and repeat. But when you are on safari, we do it a little differently.

Safaris are planned to coincide with when you are most likely to see wildlife. This means early, late afternoon, or even night game drives are essential to see the animals at their most active. Here is typically how your evening will go when on safari in the wild reserves of South Africa:

Afternoon drive and sundowners

Setting off with your field guide (ranger) in the late afternoon, usually following high tea, head out into the savannah in search of wildlife. Now that most of the heat of the day has burnt off, animals start to move again, either to water holes, or predators start waking up deciding if they are up for a hunt.

As the sun begins to set, your guide will find the perfect spot to stop, take out the full bar and snacks and pour you a cold one, as you watch the sun sets on another incredible day in Africa.

Star gazing

On the way back to the lodge, your field guide will usually do a spot of star gazing from the vehicle. Using a strong spotlight and laser pointer, you will learn a few things about the Southern Skies. With so little man-made light to compete with, the night skies here are enormous and unforgettable.

Fire side story telling

Once you have freshened up at the lodge, it is time to join other guests, usually fire-side to discuss what was seen during the drives. This age-old tradition of communal dining around the fireplace the essence of human sharing. This is how memories are made – through the telling and re-telling the special moments of your day.


Dinners on safari are magical. During your stay, your lodge team will do their best to vary the dining locations. Ranging from private suite dinners, to dining around the campfire, these are all special. But if you get to experience a true Bush Dinner, you will never think of al fresco dining the same way.

Night drives

A camps set on private concessions, offer the opportunity for night drives. Using powerful spotlights, your ranger or tracker will usually spot wildlife well before you. This is an exciting experience as you search for nocturnal species such as leopard, chameleons and bushbabies.

Outdoor showers and baths

Time to freshen up before bed as you slip out onto your deck and your private outdoor shower. For the more romantic (or shy), there are of course indoor showers and sublime baths that will be prepared just for you.

Sleep outs

For the ultimate in romance and adventure, try a sleep out. These are offered at a select few lodges and are simply the best way to experience being in nature. Sleep well, you will be woken at dawn by the chorus of birds who herald in the start of another great day!

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