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An experience that proves how vital travel insurance really is.

My 10-day trip to Botswana

I just returned from a 10-night trip to Botswana, and what a wonderful experience it was.

On my 10-night trip, I was fortunate enough to visit Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Kwedi Concession, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Linyanti Concession and as well as Chobe River Front. I had the opportunity to visit Jack’s Camp, Wilderness Vumbura Plains, Kanana Lodge, Camp Moremi, Wilderness Jao Camp, Wilderness King’s Pool, Chobe Game Lodge and Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero Lodge. Yes, it sounds like quite the trip right, but actually, I spend one (1) night at the latter 6 accommodations.


Image Credits: Kay

Why travel insurance is important

On the second last day, my friend and I were being transferred to our last lodge and as we entered the turning circle to the main entrance a tree fell down on the vehicle. It was one of those “dead trees” found all over in nature that remain upright for many years.  Thankfully the roof of the vehicle took the brunt of the main trunk, but one of the broken branches stuck its “head” into the vehicle.

tree faling

Thankfully my friend was leaning over towards me as we were chatting. If she had been facing forward or looking out of her side of the vehicle the branch could have hit her.


Importance of travel insurance

Thankfully no one was injured, and it made me realise how quick something can happen and how important it is to have travel insurance (especially being covered medically).

At each of the lodges we stayed at, the lodges asked for our Travel Insurance details, and yes, we did not always give it as it was not on us.

My top tips

1. If the cost of full/complete travel insurance is too expensive – take out medical at least.

2. When travelling abroad, have your insurance details on you and provide this to all the properties you are staying at.

3. Provide a copy or advise whoever you are travelling with where to find all the info.  It could make a HUGE difference.


Channels of the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Recommendations of travel insurance companies

I usually suggest Hollard for South Africans travelling abroad and Global Rescue for International guests arriving in Africa.



Things I learnt whilst on my travels in Botswana
  • Make sure you pack a full bottle of sunscreen.  I travelled in May and the average temperatures were in the early 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Throw your shoes around or shake them in the morning before you put them on to get rid of any little insects that might have crawled in (remember you are in the bush).
  • In the Delta, you will find a beautiful day and night Water Lilies. Once the flower has been pollinated, it draws itself back under water where the bulb ripens into an edible fruit. The fruit is small and looks like a nut or a berry.
  • I was very surprised to see how sandy the Delta was – it looked like beach sand and one can easily get stuck.
  • Wearing white on safari stands out more than any other colour. If you look at some of the animals, like the Leopard, Cheetah, and Fox – they have white under their tails or on the tip so that their offspring can follow them.
  • If you suffer from motion sickness, try and sit as far forward as possible in the light aircraft, preferably in the first row.
  • Most of the properties offer laundry services, so it is easy to pack light. My luggage was 10kg and I only wore half of the clothes I took along.
  • Better to travel with someone than on your own as you can share and talk about the experiences.
  • Many properties have Wi-Fi, but it is limited to certain areas and not always strong. Would not suggest that you chose Botswana as a working holiday unless travelling in a main city.

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