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Cape Town is a city that captivates visitors year-round, offering a diverse range of experiences no matter what the time of your visit.

The Mother City, Cape Town

Cape Town is a city that captivates visitors year-round, offering a diverse range of experiences no matter what the time of your visit. Whether you’re interested in whale watching, hiking, beach lounging, or exploring cultural landmarks, there’s a perfect season for every type of traveler.

By considering your interests and preferences, we will tailor-make your Cape Town exploration and take you on a memorable journey filled with wonder and beauty.

Cape Town Seasons:
The Mild and Marvelous Months of Autumn in Cape Town (March to May):

As summer transitions into autumn, Cape Town experiences a pleasant climate characterized by milder temperatures and fewer crowds. This is an ideal time to explore the city’s numerous attractions, from the iconic Table Mountain to the historic Robben Island.

Psst:  We have insider tips on how to experience these two Icons in the best possible way.

The vibrant landscapes, still dotted with lush greenery, provide a picturesque backdrop for your adventures. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities without the intense heat of summer.


Wines, Whales and Wander in Winter in Cape Town (June to August): 

Winter holds a special allure in Cape Town. Explore beyond the inner city and broaden your education- the deeper you go, the more you will find.

During the mild winter months, the city and nearby town of Hermanus become a prime destination for whale watching. The southern right whales migrate to the waters near Cape Town, offering an awe-inspiring opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close. The coastal scenery is dramatic and striking, making it a great time for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Imagine capturing both a Whale and Penguins in one day!

Whilst the stunning countryside scenery of our Wine Regions is jaw-dropping at any time of the year, winter is the perfect time to cozy up around a roaring fire and enjoy some of our award-winning red wines, after a morning of cultural learnings.


Our Winter Top Picks:


Springtime Splendour in Cape Town (September to November):

Cape Town literally blossoms during spring, as the region’s diverse and unique flora bursts into bloom. The famous Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden becomes a riot of colors, and the entire city seems to be embraced by vibrant flowers. The pleasant weather is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, and exploring the Cape of Good Hope.

A lady standing in canola fields in the West Coast, Western Cape

Our Springtime Top Picks:
Sunny Summers in Cape Town (December to February):

For those who crave the quintessential summer vacation, Cape Town’s summer months offer plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, and an array of beach activities. The city’s stunning beaches, including the popular Camps Bay and Clifton, become vibrant hubs of activity.

From surfing and swimming to enjoying beachside cafes and restaurants, you’ll find endless ways to soak up the sun. Just be prepared for larger crowds during this peak tourist season.


Cape Town side car adventure

Our Summer Top Picks:
  • Explore the coastline from the comfort of a Cape Sidecar.
  • Learn how to surf in Muizenberg.
  • Visit the V&A Waterfront (see our V&A Waterfront favourites) and take a cruise to Clifton Beach at Sunset.
  • Pick strawberries and sip cool wines in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek; be sure to book your lunch spot early!

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