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Your phone can be a great travel tool and a wonderful way to connect to inspiration and the world at large. Have a look at the articles we have created on how to get the best out of your phone camera.

With the right preparation and advise, you can take really great pictures that are worth sharing while you travel.

Photos on the go

How to take great vacation photos on your phone? Click here to read more »

Tips for taking photos of wildlife

As a subject, wildlife is challenging to capture in images because it is elusive and often moving, partially hidden or far away. It’s really important to sometimes put the phone down and just enjoy the experience. To get the best pic, be patient and experiment. Take lots of shots, as you can edit them later. Click here to read more »

Phone settings & photo editing

You’d be amazed at what your smartphone camera can do. We suggest you play around with options like scene modes, panorama and HDR before you get here to learn what it is capable of and so you can take the best shots. Click here to read more »

Maximise social media engagement

Wondering on maximising likes on your Social Media posts? Click here to read more »

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