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We unpack what should you look for when choosing the best shoes for gorilla and chimp trekking.

If you’re planning on going gorilla or chimpanzee trekking, one of the most important things to consider is your footwear. Wearing the right kind of trekking shoes can make all the difference in ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience. The last thing you want is to attempt a trek in footwear that will not provide the necessary support and traction needed for the terrain.

So, what should you look for when choosing the best shoes for gorilla and chimp trekking?

What Holly wore for her Chimp Trek

What shoes Casey wore for her gorilla trek

What shoes Casey wore for her Gorilla Trek

Tips when choosing shoes for your trek in Africa
  • Your footwear must have a good grip, protect your ankles, be waterproof and preferably be dark colours for easy cleaning.
  • Make sure your shoes provide support for your ankles, balance, and stability. This is especially important when trekking in areas with high altitudes, steep hills, and rugged terrain.  High-quality hiking boots or trail shoes will also protect you against stinging nettles, which can be a nuisance during your trek.
  • Light waterproof hiking or all-terrain shoes that give a good grip work best or waterproof trail runners are light-weight and also provide good grip.
  • Why waterproof? You will be trekking through dense tropical rainforests with slippery paths and waterproof shoes will ensure you do not return from your trek with wet and muddy feet.
  • Check the tread on your hiking shoes. The terrain can get muddy and deep tread is very useful.
  • You will be provided with gaiters by your lodge which you can wear over your shoes and boots.
  • To ensure that your trekking boots are comfortable and broken in before your trip, it’s best to buy them in advance and wear them for a few weeks leading up to your trek.
  • Thick socks are also essential. Wear one layer of thin moisture-wicking socks covered by thicker cotton socks. You can also try a pair of waterproof socks for extra protection.
  • We don’t suggest wearing sneakers or sandals or light coloured shoes.
Types of shoes worn for primate trekking in Africa

Types of shoes worn for primate trekking in Africa

Our CEO, Marco, on his gorilla trek

Types of shoes worn for primate trekking in Africa

The best shoes for gorilla trekking might be of a significant weight that may impact on your airline baggage limit. We suggest wearing your trekking shoes on your flights rather than packing them in your luggage.

Investing in the best hiking shoes for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking can provide a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience, not only for the trek but also for other activities like safari drives and bush walks. These shoes are designed to withstand rugged terrain, providing the necessary support and protection needed for wildlife enthusiasts exploring Africa.


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