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Your Timeless Journey Awaits...

Escape the busy city with Zita, as she encounters elusive wildlife and unforgettable lodges at the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

A safari experience through Zita's eyes

On a ridiculously busy day in April, I escaped the hustle and bustle of Cape Town city and travelled to the Sabi Sand Reserve. This was highlighted by a charter flight with Federal Air from Hoedspruit Airport to Arethusa Airstrip, which certainly makes you feel like royalty with your special pass through the airport and flying over the endless plains of the park.

First stop - Arathusa Safari Lodge

We spent our first night at Arathusa Safari Lodge in the northern sector of the Sabi Sand Reserve. Known for its warm hospitality and memorable game drive experiences, we had the once in a lifetime opportunity of spotting wild dogs, which are incredibly difficult to track, due to the speed in which they often move throughout the reserve. After finding the restful Talamati Breakaway pride with their baby cub, this was enough to confirm that the wildlife sightings in this area are endless.

Arathusa Safari Lodge

Arathusa Safari Lodge

Next Stop - Leopards Hill Private Game Reserve

The following day we moved to Leopards Hill Private Game Reserve, located in the western sector of the Sabi Sand Reserve. Aptly named due to its leopard thriving location. This lodge impressed us with its attention to detail, stylish and comfortable rooms, delectable cuisine and knowledgeable rangers and trackers. My favourite sighting in this area was watching their spectacular resident Ravenscourt male leopard casually stroll past our vehicle, not forgetting to mention the sound of the two Plains Camp males that could be heard from our room during the night and spotted on our game drive the following morning. This lodge left a lasting impression.

Leopards Hill Private Game Reserve Safari

Leopards Hill Private Game Reserve Safari

Dulini Collection Visit

We moved on to a quick visit to Dulini River Lodge, Dulini Leadwood and Dulini Moya Lodge. With its contemporary design, hospitable staff, and superb, lush surroundings it is easy to fall in love with the Dulini Collection. My favourite was the plunge pool at Dulini Moya Lodge, ideal for couples seeking romance and privacy.

Dulini Leadwood Lodge

On safari at Dulini River Lodge

Dulini River Lodge

Dulini Moya Lodge

Getting Around

Throughout our trip, we were transported by Nic from Seasons in Africa. Nic is warm-natured and is incredibly reliable and well-informed of the road situations in the Sabi and Kruger regions. This team comes highly recommended.

Final Stop - Lion Sands River Lodge

Our final stay was at Lion Sands River Lodge, located in the southern Sabi Sand reserve sector. Overlooking the superb Sabie River, we saw an elephant taking a lengthy stroll along the riverbed. We arrived in our room for the night, which had been beautifully decorated with leaves to welcome us to the lodge. With its elegantly lit wooden pathways and stunning décor, this lodge blends effortlessly into the natural surroundings. Experiencing a traditional boma dinner, with some of the South African favourite dishes was a highlight for us. Our final morning game drive allowed us to spot a male leopard who lived to see another day after a massive fight with a rival male the day prior.

Lion Sands River Lodge

Lion Sands River Lodge

The South African bush awaits

After being unable to go on safari for three years, due to the covid hiatus, simply being out in nature and connecting with people and wildlife is an experience that should never be taken for granted.

For first-time safari goers, this is the place to be.

The magic of the South African bush awaits…

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  • Final Stop - Lion Sands River Lodge

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