Hi Kim,

Thanks for the great help in organising this trip. As a family it was an absolute highlight and some of the best experiences we have ever enjoyed. We were at a YPO event last night an the best way I could explain it to them was that the normal holidays you go on, each day you know what to expect. You have great time but you are rarely challenged and even more rarely pushed outside you comfort zone. This trip did push those boundaries everyday and we think that even if we went back to the same places and did the same things, we wouldn’t be able to experience what we did on this trip.

As I promised I would give you an oversight of the places we stayed and visited and the various guides etc.

Nairobi - Zebra


  • Great place to start
  • Emakoko was fantastic. Rooms were good. Food was good. Great location. Guide from there was good and the park is a nice place to get the feel of being around wildlife again, especially with a lion roaring the first night whilst we were trying to sleep.
  • The Kibera Slum was a highlight. Elijah, who was our guide, was brilliant and the experience was something we will never forget.


  • Claude was the best part of this experience. He really made everything work and his passion was very evident. He was excellent.
  • Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater were fantastic and we did these in the exact right order. Claude made these days. And we saw a leopard which was a highlight.

Great Migration


  • Not enough words could explain how good this was. The accommodation, the food, the staff, the service, the location was everything and better. I couldn’t list all of the wildlife experiences we had but some highlights including two wild dog kills, three start-to-finish lion kills and a totally unique moment where the boys ran with the wildebeest!
  • Ray was our guide and he was amazing. He just got everything right and really connected with the boys, but also made/found/searched for the experiences we were after. We know we saw so much more than others that were in the camp at the same time and we know that was largely because of Ray and the flexibility of the experience.


  • The Drakensberg was good. The guide we had for the walk to caves was again really passionate and clearly knew the culture and history. He also read us well and paced what he was doing, which made our walk. We enjoyed our walks and this was really a very different experience than the rest of the trip.
  • The St Lucia turtle experience was so unique. We were lucky that we found a turtle within 5 minutes of hitting the beach. This is really one of those experiences where we really didn’t know what to expect. The guide was good and again knew his turtles. The drive through the Park is a little hard at night but we still managed to find a leopard.
  • Durban and its beaches were good and we glad we did this.
  • Steve was good. Very accommodating, as I know what were doing was not usual, like him having to carry a cool box up a hill for lunch, but we appreciated what he did.

Big 5 Safari - Leopard

In a few bullet points that is a quick view.

We will definitely be back and given the amount of people we spoke to last night, I think there will be a line of people who are just waiting for their children to get little older!

Thanks again,