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Lace up your running shoes to carve out memories in the golden soil of the African plains, running alongside giraffes and zebras in an experience that breaks the mould of a conventional African getaway.

When you close your eyes and imagine the quintessential African safari, you probably picture open savannas, majestic wildlife, and maybe, just maybe, the exhilarating sight of a cheetah or lion on the hunt.

But what if we told you there’s an option to take this experience beyond the traditional game drive or guided walking tour?

When you travel with Timeless Africa Safaris you can lace up your running shoes to carve out memories in the golden soil of the African plains, running alongside giraffes and zebras in an experience that breaks the mould of a conventional African getaway.

Pink Flamingoes in Tanzania

Running with a Maasai Warrior

Imagine hearing the call to rise before dawn – not from a buzzing alarm clock or the city’s muffled hum, but from the ethereal chorus of the wilderness. This is the safari trail runner’s wake-up call. As the sun begins to stretch across the horizon, casting an incandescent glow on the earth, you set out for a ‘safari sprint’. Accompanied by a Maasai warrior, you almost become the wildlife, gracefully traversing the terrain that both challenges and rewards—the rhythm of your breath and heartbeat synchronizing with the pulse of Africa.

Connecting with the Land

Beyond the immediate thrill of the sprint, there lies a deeper connection to the land and its inhabitants. Depending on your location, you may even be able to engage in a morning run with the conservancy rangers – a unique opportunity not only to appreciate the sprawling landscapes while keeping fit, but also to spend time with the guardians of this pristine environment. Ending the workout with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, stories intermingle like the twining branches of an acacia tree, enriching the understanding of conservancy efforts and the vitality of eco-tourism.

Every run or jog is a story waiting to be told

A boastful lion’s roar breaking the stillness, the grace of gazelles swiftly crossing your path, and the camaraderie that forms between fellow runners. These personal encounters with nature create a narrative that is as unique as it is universal, uniting differing souls under the vault of an African sky.

Gearing Up for the Adventure

Running in this environment requires trail runners’ gear. Quality trail running shoes that provide support and protection against uneven ground, a hydration vest to carry your supplies (depending on how far you like to run), and appropriate clothing to handle both the chill of the morning air and the eventual rising sun. While you don’t need to be an Olympic sprinter to partake, it’s beneficial to incorporate hill training and terrain adjustments in your usual regimen to acclimate to the conservation’s altitudes and undulating trail.

Participating in a trail run is more than exercise – it’s a celebration. It’s an opportunity to step out of the vehicle and into the heart of the wilderness, testing your mettle against the untamed environment. It’s a means to foster connections, between you and nature, you and the community – all unforgettable highlights of your African adventure.


Lodges Where You can Run
  • Chem Chem Safari, TanzaniaIf you’re feeling active, join a Maasai warrior and run across the plains for an outdoor fitness experience unlike any other.
  • Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Kenya – Keep your fitness levels up by joining the Ol Pejeta Conservancy rangers on their early morning run, and enjoy the chance to have a coffee with them afterwards to learn more about their work to keep the wildlife on the conservancy safe. A fun and rewarding way to start your day!
  • Angama Mara Camp, KenyaJoin the Angama Running Club and see how you fare against this nation of great athletes as you jog along the Escarpment with the possibility of encountering plains game such as giraffe and zebra along the way.

Angama Mara

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Whether you’re a seasoned trail runner or looking for an extraordinary way to connect with nature, our carefully curated adventures promise to deliver an exhilarating blend of luxury, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Contact us now to secure your spot in this unique African experience, where every step is a story waiting to be told. Your adventure begins here.

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